1. Nuke that place and nothing of value is lost.

    Too bad that Islamists are too stupid to pick their targets. If they went after these degenerates to the exclusion of everone else, I don’t think anybody would give a shit.


    1. Well, if Ron Paul is correct about secessionism happening, Aztlan will take La La Land with them anyway.

      When this shitshow collapses, I just hope that the white citizens of the erstwhile U.S. won’t have to fight their way to their own Avalon homeland like defeated Germans.


  2. Watched the Deer Hunter the other day. Meryl Streep was pretty damn hot in that movie. No kidding, the next day The Devil Wears Prada is on, Meryl was hideous. The wall knows no mercy.


    1. Be fair bro. She is like 70 years old now. And the gap in time between those two movies is 35 years. You diminish the term “wall” by being this simplistic. If you said hot to gross in five years, well that works, but no one holds it down for almost four decades. That’s just silly.

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    1. When unmarried rich white women are too old or ugly, do their gigolos need to use a strap-on or do erectile drugs still work for them?


  3. Who needs robots? I hear a lot about robots these days. But we already have robots — people who are pre-programmed, who don’t think. Applaud ever PC cliché. Listen to an Obama speech sometime — nothing but PC clichés.


  4. I don’t spend enough time on the internet or watching TV to know what this is from. Could someone please enlighten me?

    [GBA: it’s a bunch of huge feminist cunts (streep et al) giving a standing O to another huge feminist cunt (arquette) for repeating the sex pay gap lie as if it was the truth.]


    1. Wow, thanks GBA. I had just assumed that 50 Shades of Grey had been nominated or something. BTW, if Corporate America could get away with paying chicks 75% of the going rate for men, WTF would men have jobs?


  5. She has 4 children. At least she’s not stupid, urges other to do as she didn’t. Also private private life, etc.

    Why wouldn’t she hoot’n’holler?


  6. Liberalism is a specifically Christian heresy (a universal message of love, fair play, etc.). Conservatives have long debunked the pay gap. Women on average don’t work as long or hard at jobs; concluding that the rat race sucks, most women would rather marry out of the workplace and raise kids, marrying macho executives rather than becoming one. But of course the mainstream media say, “La la la; I can’t hear you.”

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