1. That sign was probably written after every dude on campus bukakkied all over her stupid face. Bitch doeth protest too much.


  2. No worries. In ten years, no omega white guy will want a BJ from your corpulent, stinking, hairy self. Might as well start hitting on nogs right now. Get your family used to the idea.


  3. Feminism is the very reason this 4 or 5 can only get a dude she thinks she is entitled to by constantly blowing him. Until of course he leaves and she has to find new pole to smoke. Meanwhile, it’s all men’s faults that this cycle happens.

    But it gets better for this loser…in times past she could reliably find a male 5 to support her, care for her, perhaps even love her,but either way their would be home, security, and some social status. Now “feminism” has especially robbed her type of a decent life, while making her completely unaware that the only way to break this cycle is by the utter abandonment of her “principles” in favor of older patriachial ones.

    Now at 25, it’s bjs and heartbreak. At 35, it will be quicker pump and dumps complete with anal and pee fests. But at least her cats and wine buddies can be true to themselves…

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  4. The irony in this is that feminism is the reason we have blowjobs today. Well, sort of. The sexual revolution (which was feminist driven) opened up all sorts of unintended consequences, like modern pornography, particularly the 1970s classic Deep Throat.

    Before modern porn, sex was very bland, at least in America. Why do you think tongue kissing is called “French kissing”?

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    1. Yep. Feminism was primarily an attack on women who didn’t need it. “Liberated” them to give away their best asset and all of their power for free while objectifying themselves on birth control to be cum receptacles and masturbation tools for alphas, all while complaining about the objectification of women. In the prior system, women were cherished, courted, got married at age 19-21, perhaps had 2 sexual partners ever and the men not many more, perhaps. Some innocent making out under the bleachers at the high school prior to marrying the high school sweetheart. Feminism liberated women to ride the CC from age 18-35 and then go on dating sites looking to “settle down.”

      But to your comment directly: exactly right. Under “patriarchy” this woman would have landed a decent husband who probably never even dreamed of expecting a BJ.

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  5. She doesn’t look like she gets that many requests, so maybe she has a blowjob tolerance problem and should seek help.

    And they could use that foto to define shit-eating grin in the Urban Dictionary.


  6. If she doesn’t want to give head then she should grow a spine and decline the request. Instead she needs a whole orthodoxy / ideology to stand up for herself. She must have descended from a long line of serfs.

    From hands no tears can flow.


  7. she’s got a Dick-Sucking-Mouth which means that dudes are using her for BJ’s & she gets on her knees to keep them around. she’s gonna be playing the skin flute for the rest of her life.


  8. The real question is how dare she stand out in public with such a sign? Question number two is what would her father think, and why aren’t we treated to the sight of her father slapping the face off her? These young sluts have no idea how much they will regret this type of slutty behavior when they are older and alone. What man would want a whore that would stand outside with a sign like this saying blowjob on it????

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    1. Not-Safe-For-Work WARNING: The below link goes to a porn blooper site, so don’t go to it if you are offended by X-rated nudity or are at your place of work where others will be.

      “Question number two is what would her father think, and why aren’t we treated to the sight of her father slapping the face off her?”

      The below video shows a girl that disobeyed her father. The slut said her father stopped talking to her after she continued making “poor choices”, such as “nude modeling”, that he strongly opposed. As you can see in the video, slapping won’t do much to correct her deviancy.



      Even the influence of stronger fathers has its limits with controlling feral women in the West. It would take Muslim-style honor killings to control girls like this.


  9. “No I don’t want to give you another blow job”…..Coming from a woman who is as wide as she is tall. The sign may hide it but the hips sure don’t. Trust me bitch.. any guy with options is not looking to you for a hummer


  10. The irony of that sign is that blow jobs are actually emasculating to the man, because he is not in control. In other words, blow jobs are empowering to women in a certain sense (although hand jobs are even more so because her mouth is not being defiled).

    Sexual intercourse is what makes a man feel more like a man (much more than a “blow job”). (I actually hate blow jobs, myself, to be honest.) Missionary sex is good, but doggy style is the best. It let’s the woman know her place, that the man is the one in control. Sorry, feminists, but nature is sexist.


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