1. As F. W. Nietzsche noticed, a woman (and a feminine man, as every undifferentiated being) is naturally vulgar. This is particularly the case when she has not been raised by a strict and differentiated father. It has become obscenely true in recent times.
        The White Knights have all the reasons to make us sick since knighthood is from Arab origin and betrays a deep mental and spiritual feminization with its grotesque idealization and adoration of women.


      2. Perhaps, but still WNB.

        In saner (slimmer) times, she would probably have been an American 4 without the tattoos.

        With the tats, she is a 3.


  1. This is most women on dating sites. . It’s fat, inked single mom’s with kids from different dad’s. They are on there making demands of men and they offer jack shit in return. Hell, they can’t even cook or act nice which is free and easy to do. . You can see the rage they have. They blame men for them being a fat single mom. The are looking for a beta wallet to take that rage out on and of course he will be paying for thugster mcbadass and his thug Spawn while daddy is serving life for murder.


  2. 6, 4, 3, who cares? She’s a pig, cow, whatever. And she was a pig before, one reason being her mindset — any female who would tat herself up like that is a pig, plain an simple.


    1. No. She is strong and independent! Grrrl power! You are a h8r. Die cis scum. You are probably a teabagger too. Sarah Palin is stupid. Blah blah blah. We liberals are enlightened and tolerant. You are a knuckle-dragger who needs to die. You are a racist too. All racists need to be exterminated so we can live in harmony, because we love everyone. You support the Koch brothers. You hate poor people and want them to die. We are the 99%! How can you live with yourself? You just need to die. You live in your mother’s basement.


  3. When you let your daughter mudshark, by extension, she’s racially cucking your whole family. (see background, his face says it all)


    1. Let all the rot come out now and at once. Our people simply won’t wake up until it effects them and harshly right now. Anything else is simply giving the poison slowly and allowing the host to buildup more and more tolerance to it. This picture alone would have started wars 100 years ago. Now it is sent out in Christmas cards to elderly family members.


  4. Wow, that is disturbing. So disgusting, what a sad commentary on our present society. The tattoos are awful – when I was young the only people who got tattoos were either in the navy or in a biker gang. Now it’s everyone, and women too – which is particularly sickening. Especially the one across the lower back. Utterly disgusting.


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