I Hope I Never Have A Daughter

The reader who submitted this photo writes,

[This is] the lady jihadist in Paris and her recently deceased husband.

Fathers watch your daughters…

Fathers would have an easier time watching their daughters if they lived in a society that was happy to assist in the watching, instead of blindly blaming the fathers for sins against antiracism.


  1. Your comment does not make any sense since she is an ARAB. her name is Hayat Boumeddiene, which is an Arab name. You can search this name on google and you will see that she is a Semit.


    1. Again you miss the point and swing wildly with your pig headed simpleness. In ARAB countries, ARAB women seldom if ever mudshark. Their society frowns on it and communities enforce it. She had to live in France, a supposed free and open minded democracy (modernist) in order to freely mingle with the Abeed.

      Hence the validity of the point that says modern societies do not assist fathers. Being radicalized by a dumb Frenchie wannabe muslim is the same as her becoming more wigga in order to better suit her man in this country. Large family bonds and healthy cultures prevent this.

      The sheer ignorance of your constant postings continues to amaze and piss me off. You are the worst traits of dim witted Republicanism mixed with idiotic misdirected clichéd bigotry. And that is hard to achieve considering in many ways I am a nationalist reactionary who would otherwise find much common ground with you.

      Moderate your mind if at all possible because it is a clusterfrack of clichéd idiocy right now.


      1. 1) She had not to live in France, she was born in France and was one of the numerous settlers currently replacing the White European populace.
        2) Since you speak of Arab countries, you probably know that according to the latest information, this Semite is currently in Syria, in the Islamic “State”. You probably also know that the Islamic “State” is multiracial and open to miscegenation, there is even a Chinese neighborhood at Rakka. The two Judaism for goyim and transvestite cult of the Goddess that Christianity and Islam are have always been the most efficient agents of miscegenation, of undifferentiation.
        3) I absolutely do not deny “the validity of the point that says modern societies do not assist fathers”, I wrote “she is an ARAB” and so, not a White. To write that modern societies do not assist fathers is an euphemism since no effort is spared to forbid fathers from watching their daughters, when the fathers are not allowing themselves their daughters to go with colored men. In fact, what can remain of Europe is an open vagina where the woman and the feminine man make the law, under the supervision of the Jew of course. Nordic countries are a particularly nauseous example of this. The feminization of Europe is of course only a sign of its Judaification and Negro-Asianization since matriarchy and gynecocracy are to be found among the colored peoples and were unknown to the “Indo-European” peoples who were by nature patriarchal.
        As you are likely an US citizen (but I can be wrong), you should know that this is the Yankee women, with the Jews and the feminine men, who disposed the White man from his authority and transformed him into an ATM, a bread winner, before the so-called “emancipation” of (colored people and) women ensures them they may go to celibacy or with colored men and no longer need the White man.
        4) In the (original) hierarchical Aryan (Roman patrician) family, the father was almighty, his authority considered as emanating from a supernatural power. For this reason, he had the right to life and death over his wife and children.
        5) You stop to insult me.


  2. With family law statutes making it trivial for a mother to seperate her children from the father, which automatically criminalises father involvement, Feminism plays a bigger role in the decline than most people have realized.


  3. It’s difficult raising a daughter, but trust me you will not find it beyond your abilities.

    Part of the reason that “tradcon” parents fail do much is that they preach traditional morality, but leave it at as ” Because God said so,” even though in some instances God isn’t a huge part of the family dynamic.
    But what ive found works is really raiding your children with an understanding that these rules aren’t there just for spiritual reasons- that they help us in terms of happiness.

    For example, my daughter understands that there are fairly large differences in men and women, in part because of what I’ve shared from the chateau ( condensed and reworded for teens obviously). And she understands why I make the rules I do.

    I guess what I’m saying is that the chateau helps our family. I’m not s natural alpha, and tend towards being super indulgent with my children. This kind of info gives an otherwise bewildered dad quite a bit in the way of installing understanding and wisdom in children. The chateau and much of the manosphere is basically steering us back on track, where we were in the early 1960s when science was still highly valued but the culture was still vigorous. Basically, seeing the procivic, pro-social underpinnings of traditional social organization.


  4. Trad cons raise whores. . Hard to be a lady when daddy says God forgives whores and sluts and the beta men have to jerk off until they are 30 just to get his daughters blown out snatch.


  5. thats why they throw them into the river to get eaten by turtles after thier born and you dont see shit monkeys in india


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