1. More generally, the two judaism for goyim that christianity and islam are, are all about submission, among other to the alleged abrahamic “God”, which is in fact a transvestite of the negro-asian mother goddess.


  2. How do they know he is a muslim? And more importantly, why would that matter? ALL TSA people engage in intrusive searches.

    That guy looks more like a sikh.


    1. It matters because of the absurd irony. The main reason that everybody is getting molested at airports by the TSA now is because of the Muslim terrorist attacks.

      It is especially insulting having a Muslim search an old nun when they are one of the main causes of this beefed up post-9/11 police state in the first place. I’d be more concerned about an insider threat or displays of tribal favoritism from the Muzzie screener, such as willfully ignoring or aiding in the smuggling of contraband from their more zealous pals.


      1. Also, if the Muslim diversity wasn’t allowed to immigrate to this country in the first place, we wouldn’t have to go through this invasive screening bullshit at airports.


      2. That’s all nice, but muzzies get bombed by jihadists too. After 9/11, some muzzies joined Enduring Freedom. IRAN had protests against 9/11.

        I see your point of view, but conflating that screener with the boxcutter pirates….meh.


      3. “That’s all nice, but muzzies get bombed by jihadists too.”

        True, but that is their problem to deal with when they are living in their homelands.

        Like Muslims, blacks mostly kill other blacks in the U.S. as well, but they are also the primary aggressors against non-blacks in inter-racial incidents. Whites hardly victimize blacks in violent crimes, but blacks are statistically more likely to attack whites.

        I don’t have a problem with blacks killing each other in their neighborhoods since that is their issue to resolve, but I do have a problem with blacks encroaching on whites and killing them in their homes.

        If they stay away from us, we’ll stay away from them. If not, Diversity + Proximity = War

        “After 9/11, some muzzies joined Enduring Freedom.”

        We shouldn’t have to figure out who the “good” Muslims are. Having them here justifies the NSA snooping through all of our communications now. If they weren’t here, we wouldn’t need them to join the military/intelligence services to fight in Muslim countries and translate durkha-speak for us.

        “IRAN had protests against 9/11.”

        That was nice of them, but see my statement above. They were protesting in Iran, not here.

        “I see your point of view, but conflating that screener with the boxcutter pirates….meh.”

        I used to be an anti-racist, neo-con dumbass myself, but reality is a nasty mugger. Multi-culturalism will lead to violent chaos, so ethnic nationalism will be needed to restore order again.


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