1. The following photography was taken in a street of New York City and represents an Arab woman walking with a “White” man held on a leash. Feminization and submission to the non White races.


    1. If I could exterminate the vermin that creates these, I would.

      You’re talking about people that want to make you think that this is what looms unless you exterminate/deport muzzies.

      Never mind the fact that he only does this because he is a pozzed out, libtarded faggot.

      “Soon your turn?” I hope your sister gets raped in every orifice.


      1. Seriously though, how many AMerican women even have a feminine profile like hers? That’s a 9 without even seeing the face. Yikes.


    2. “represents an Arab woman walking with a “White” man held on a leash.”

      If that were an Arab Muslim chick, she’d likely be wearing a burqa or hijab instead.

      So, I guess you meant that they are both Semites.
      (also known as “kosher”, khazar, YKW, cheesepopes, or “Finns”)

      I wonder if she has a big nose as well.


  2. The juxtaposition of the horizontal ,prone black glove to the vertical ,tall, and imposing white wall reminds the viewer of the power and racism that still exists in our culture.

    In other news, I’m getting fucked in my white ass right now.


  3. Someone should have shit on the floor, and see how long it would have taken them to recognize that it wasn’t “art”…


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