Sweden Cucks Itself

“they knew Simon from Kenya would father the child.”

If Sweden wants to relinquish itself, there are quicker methods than race cuckolding. Neutron bombs will leave the buildings intact for future generations of African-Swedes to enjoy.

America isn’t the only Western nation waving goodbye to its posterity.


  1. If Swedes really want to commit suicide as a nation, good riddance. But I’ll bet that the average Swedish man in the street is pissed off about stuff like this. I mean, I can only imagine what foreigners would think of the American people if they only read the bullshit our government put out.


    1. No, Sven probably prefers to watch his “wife” getting impregnated by the Kenyan rather than impregnate a black woman himself. Swedes, like many blacks and some white Americans, seem to hate their own race. The whole idea is pornographic. I suspect the “husband” has been looking at too much interracial internet porn.
      I’m guessing Tiger Woods wasn’t available, so they had to make do with a Kenyan.


    1. To say he’s a “poor fuck” seems to imply he’s a victim — of something — deserving of sympathy. Yet above it says “…they knew that Simon, a close personal friend how emigrated from Kenya would father the child.”


  2. I can’t understand. I simply can not. The mere thought of raising another man’s child makes me angry. Willingly agreeing to it? Insanity. Mental illness.


    1. You could be right — I also did not find this story.

      But Sweden will still probably be the first country to ‘cuck’ itself via immigration. They are insane.


  3. But they want to live in Sweden, around other white people, and enjoy the advantages.

    This is nihilism. ITs evil. MAke them live in Kenya for 3 years, with Kenyans before they get to impose this on themselves and their neighbours.


  4. That’s why I moved to canada, sick of this fucking shit! , it is insane!! Goodbye Sweden! morons! Trust me. Masculine tough white males are considered evil in Sweden, our ancestors and everyone knows them we’ll ( Vikings ) would be disgraced! This is considered genocide. But I myself among other masculine devils found beautiful WHITE women in Canada. Sweden will vanish BC of this. History lesson. All the Viking raiders the real badass guys left and settled in scotlandgurd,Britannia,Iceland,Ireland and Normandy and it seems like they among Germany show their Viking roots. Just because it’s too late for swedistan it’s not for the other Viking nations!!! I am hopeful that my fellow brothers and sisters are waking up


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