Is The Autogenocide Worth The Satisfying Self-Righteousness?

The backstory is as nauseating as the photo.



  1. “Our family doesn’t exactly blend in with the wallpaper. Not only are we two white parents with a brown son and daughter (something that causes enough stares and questions all by itself), but our son has noticeable developmental delays and different behaviors because of autism, and our daughter has missing and webbed digits. In other words, when we all go out together, we stand out. Usually I don’t mind, and often I love it. My children are beautiful, and so is our story.”

    So not only did they adopt black kids (screw those priviledged white orphans) they WILLINGLY adopted a fucking autist and a handicapped one. How fucking masochistic can you fucking get? This is absolutely not normal no matter which way I look at it. The disease that is liberalism never ceases to disgust me.

    “Some days I get tired of it all and just want to be a family — not the adoptive family, not the family with special needs children, not the unique family — just a family. ”

    Typical woman completely oblivious to the consequences of her own choices. What I don’t want to imagine is what her husband must be like to go along with something like this.

    I wonder if the whole story is even true, you can never really know with these types. They want to believe the lie I can definitely see them making shit like this up to convince others.

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    1. “So not only did they adopt black kids (screw those priviledged white orphans) they WILLINGLY adopted a fucking autist and a handicapped one”

      It’s a status whore trifecta.

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  2. I simply give up. These white race traitors have bought the liberal narrative of white people being evil. . They make me vomit. Destroying their own race. When the shit hits the fan they better not try to come near me. I will remember how they committed genocide against white people. I hope the enjoy South Africa. That’s what is coming. A white. Minority emasculated and impoverished as their money and dignity is stolen for bullshit past grievances. . It is a crime to be white. . By being white you are evil, and racist. You can’t even have a life because there is always a minority or feminist woman trying to take from you.

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    1. “If I had but one bullet and were faced by both an enemy and a traitor, I would let the traitor have it.”

      I really hate the people who are orchestrating things from behind the scenes but there is nothing more despair inducing than being betrayed by your own.

      It’s also completely disgusting to see people bare such guilt for their past and how easily they will buy into all the fabricated fairy tale level stories. Don’t they have even the smallest amount of pride to determine them to do more research on these subjects? The information isn’t even that hidden but it seems people WANT to believe these things. The level of brainwashing is so high it surprises me there are still people who have not been converted.

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  3. I have Facebook friends from college who married, had two nice white boys, and then went and adopted two Africans. Recently the guy suddenly all about posting how “dangerous” the police are to black utes. It takes an astonishing amount of cognitive dissonance to say that the cops are more dangerous to black utes, than other black utes are when 95% of the dead ones are killed by their own.


  4. Perhaps they are two people who wanted to love the unlovely; to make a difference in the lives of two kids who never would have had a chance. Your derision is misplaced. This doesn’t deserve the same amount of scorn most photos here deserve.


    1. I would agree with you if not for the double trouble of both black and autistic in combination with the huge ego-stroking that goes on when it comes to helping these groups and the movie like sob story. Why not two whites? Why not a white and a black kid? Why not normal kids that deserve more of a chance at life than those with uncurable disabilities that make them nearly defunct in society?


    2. yeah i agree. the scorn should be reserved for the blacks who abandoned those kids & for the blacks who don’t adopt black kids. these are just a couple of do-gooders who will prevent those kids from becoming criminals

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    1. “No God, only religion.”

      I can’t quite give a good answer to that question. But really what does ‘finding Jesus’ even mean? Which Christian religion is she subscribing to? Or is she just cherry picking from religion what suits her liberal programming?


    2. Christianity is just another facet of equalist slave morality. These are the same kinds of people who spend months on a “mission” in Africa spreading their filthy degenerate sand-worship.


      1. Per Nietzsche, Christianity is specifically the Jewish slave revolt in morality, emphasizing the Jewish origin, and liberalism is simply the secular avatar of Christianity.

        It is therefore perfectly logical that only the most Christian individual would willingly sacrifice themselves for the most utterly undesirable.

        and America was never a serious country to begin with, because of its Christian origin. If it was then it would have understood the reality of its black slave race and liquidated it when it was no longer useful. As we see all around us, doing the opposite was suicide.


  5. The white adoptive mother says the Trader Joe’s employee who followed her had beautiful curly black hair like her daughter, so I guess that’s a way of saying the female Trader Joe employee was black like her adopted daughter. The thing is : Black women don’t hand bouquets of flowers to white women who adopt black children — they just don’t. Blacks don’t care for whites who adopt black children [ I don’t blame the blacks for this ]. In real life, blacks do NOT hand bouquet of flowers to white couples who adopt black children, or for any reason period.

    The whole story sounds like some kind of politically-correct teevee commercial. It doesn’t have the ring of truth.

    Well, at least the white couple didn’t have a white kid and then adopt black kids to be siblings to their white children. I see that every once and awhile : White couples with a white child and also adopted black children. The white children NEVER look happy. They always look lost and confused. The white couples who adopt black children always dote on their black adopted children while their very own white kid languishes — the white kid is always second-fiddle to the adopted black children. I see that at the local parks.

    Anyway, if the white adoptive mother doesn’t like how her fellow whites look at her because she has black kids, she can go do her food shopping in a black neighborhood. See how she gets treated in a predominately black supermarket. Good luck with that. NO black will be handing her any bouquet of flowers, that’s for sure.

    The story is entirely made-up.


    1. I wonder if the white children who had to endure a black brother just to satisfy the liberal ego stroking of his parents end up becoming “racists”.


  6. Yeah, I personally find these people disgusting too, but what can you do? It’s a personal choice. I find them disgusting not just because of the weird cross-racial adoption — which I don’t like to see, but in the end it’s none of my business — but also because of the smug, easy self-delusion and hypocrisy. They would never admit what they’ve done is bizarre, or that one of the reasons they did it is to proclaim ‘I’m not a racist’ so everyone can see it right up front — after all, aren’t all Whites tainted with the ‘original sin’ of racism? I couldn’t take either of them seriously.


    1. The thing is there is more than one thing really wrong here.

      1. Not having your own kids. The main driving biological factor (ok let’s assume they couldn’t).
      2. Adopting kids of a different race. Shouldn’t people tend towards in group? Even if it is not very strict it is definitely not normal to go for the complete opposite.
      3. Adopting handicapped kids. This the final nail in the coffin. Autistic + whatever affliction almost ensures that not even their adopted kids will succeed and reproduce.

      How can these people break all fail safes and ensure the suicide of their own heritage? How could a simple political idelogy override the years of evolution? The only explanation is that they are mentally ill. Liberalism is a mental disease. From another point of view maybe this is nature working correctly as these people need to die out.


  7. Churches have shamed men into marrying single. Mom’s and becoming race traitors because they must help oppressed minorities. . Ask a single man or unemployed white man how caring a church is. Trust me. I’ve been there and they pretty much run you out of the building. So finding Jesus means accepting the feminist and liberal worldview.


    1. I don’t think this guy needed to be shamed into it. You gotta lock that shit down.

      But what a waste of damn good genes! I hate to imagine what’s going on in her head that she needs to pull a stunt like this for validation.


  8. I’m ashamed of white people. It makes me sick that a race would commit genocide against itself and relegate it’s children and grandchildren to serfdom.


    1. According to Biblical scripture, Esau sold his birthright out for a mere bowl of stew. Ethnomasochistic SWPL status whores sell out their posterity for some follows on a Twitter feed or likes on Facebook from their fellow drones in the cultural Marxist Hivemind.


  9. Heh, a few years ago my grandmother wanted to adopt a Haitian girl, I advised her to adopt a scrawny one, this way it wouldn’t hurt too much when the girl beats her after growing up.
    But I guess adopting a handicapped works too.

    Sorry for the bad English.


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