1. About 90% sure that is the St. Louis Galleria and about 80% sure I know the chick on the back left. Funny. She never struck me as a moron.


  2. They don’t look too outraged to me. A few months ago they were doing the ice bucket challenge and now this. The two on the left front (Arabs? Hindus?) act like they think it’s aerobics class. Attention whores.


    1. “Ferguson: Do the Facts Even Matter?”

      No, but they haven’t mattered for going on fifty years. It’s just getting a little more overt now, and it will get worse.


  3. Considering the pestilence that the Stupid Jerk Whiners are, I would say their lives matter less and less every passing second.


  4. The funny this is all four of the girls in the front look related. Look closely. Their dad is probably one of the old goobers in the back. The probably live quite well in some affluent neighborhood as 2nd gen immigrants. I have found a huge correlation between successful immigrants, sheltered from racial reality and prog/ghetto idolizing. It’s like they need to feel some NAM solidarity in their world of clean living whiteness so they latch on Rap, ghetto culture, social justice as a way of not being too white….

    All they need is a month living on the wrong side of town or just one “teachable moment” however since they have money and are still protected minorities it may take some time and some more collapsing before they see the trees.


    1. Look at the guy in blue and the lady on the far left back. That’s mommy and daddy. Brother might be tall guy in middle and their good black friend is the other sign holder. Considering all the smartphones and Macy’s bags, plus the self righteous, even joyous smiles, anyone want to wager that the man is a doctor or lawyer and his black friend a colleague. The girls are getting SJW merit badges between javas and shopping for more slut costumes. (The one on the right has been with at least 30 guys).

      The profile doesn’t even take a Sherlock anymore. These people are pre-packaged pods.


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