Nothing says “relatable” like filming yourself awkwardly drinking firewater



  1. Simple fun with this one. All one has to do is run the video of her sticking half the bottle in her mouth with her hand wrapped around the shaft, reverse the video, porno music soundtrack. Devastating shiv.


  2. All these unrelatable politicians think they’re so superior – finally we get a candidate who’ll sit down and crack an upside down handed counter-clockwise twist beer.

    Picohontas 1/2020! Dances With Relevance


  3. I’d like to have a beer. Honey, would you get a beer for me! Look, a beer! I will drink this beer! Opening the bottle of beer now. Mmm, that’s beer. I like this beer. What about you, honey, you like beer too?

    Good lord, this is just embarrassing.

    On the good side, the social autism of our elites is being exposed as surely as sparks fly upward. Of course it’s been, what, 30 years since Shrub sat down to beer with white guys…while engineering endless sandbox wars for his (((handlers)))??? The Dems can’t even function in the 21st century.


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