Public Reeducation

From a Redditor:

My little brother is a Junior in high school. Today he was handed this by his teacher and was expected to work on it. This is what the American Youth are being Taught!!

Was Stalin’s Soviet Union ever this bad? The ritual humiliation of Whites is part of the public school curriculum now.



  1. Solzhenitsyn said, in the gulag archipelago, that one of the benefits of being in the camps is you could speak freely and not worry about being censored or being politically correct. It was freedom


  2. Remember, when the blow back comes these same people who have pushed this will try to claim that they weren’t a part of it at all. “I was just following the curriculum” or “These were the standards set for us” or the ol’ favorite “I was just doing my job”.
    This will be the time to repay them with the mercy shown at Nuremberg.

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  3. In America you have the option to HOME SCHOOL your children. Get them out of public school! In addition to a much better quality of education you’ll be starving the beast.

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  4. > class set do not remove

    I’m confused. Did this kid remove them?

    And if not, why not?

    And if so, why don’t the parents just quietly lose it and see what happens?

    I’m not seeing any indication in that posting that this is required material, or part of the curriculum. Teachers are required to keep all sorts of malarkey in the classroom. That doesn’t mean they’re required to teach it, nor kids to learn it (assuming the kids learn anything at school other than how to get through school).

    So I’m remaining agnostic on this one till learning more. Teachers and school admins are required to go through all sorts of bs training, etc. Kneejerk types looking for hot takes for trad right (or whatever) memery/mob-inflaming might be surprised how few of them actually are believers…and have their own small ways of resisting.


  5. Just the fact that it exists is cause for concern. If this open racism had been directed at a different ethnic group, it would have never found its way into the classroom, even if it was private material for the teacher’s eyes only.

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