Emerging Freakshows

SHH! This is a LIE-brary!

ljl at that banal intersectionalist poopytalk at the bottom.

The American Library Association has been overrun by nümales, dykes, and pussyhatters. Stern purse-lipped schoolmarms have been replaced by gloryhole faced dweebs and purple-lipped rug munchers whose only purpose is to corrupt history and erase the contributions of White men to civilization. Ben Franklin wept.


  1. The two dykes on the right could beat the hell out of either or both of the two gloryholes on the left.

    Actually, that’s not true. The chick in the middle could beat their ass too.


    1. Herman Munster’s granddaughter, mid-transition. Grandpa’s generation were more respectable; they turned into bats.
      “There will be a need for the libarry as a study space, meeting place, and a jerking space for unwashed homeless who have no wifi under the overpass.


  2. “Stern purse-lipped schoolmarms …”

    Were dykes. Back in the day, a schoolmistress was not permitted to be married. Consequently, the whole field was full of boy-hating lesbians.

    This explains a great deal.


  3. Here at the Dead Indian Book Repository we have hired a diverse group of Anti-White defectives to guard the sacred scrolls of the illiterate conquered people who drink a lot. Woo Woo Woo. We hope to exclude the literate, the smart and of course the capable. Cigarettes, cigars and fire water available in the lobby.


  4. Not a single word about the negress affirmed-active domination of the space, and her flagrant use of niqgerish ebonic spellings of English words as an emblem of her anti-America/anti-white -ism, this COMING FROM A FUCKING LIBRARIAN, tolerated coddled and promoted by the white shitlib trash?
    Step up yer game. Li-brarian!! No memtion of that damous jootoob video of the black chick debate team?!


  5. That’s what they get for naming their kid ‘Garrison’ instead of ‘Mike’ ‘Scott’ ‘Jim’ or ‘Dave’

    I hate millennial names. Name your f’ing kid Jack and move on.


  6. These people are a new species of hominids, and as such, their existence proves that the theory of evolution is real. If it was not real, how could these people have made their appearance on this planet? Can food mutate your DNA to such an extent that a new species of hominid comes into existence over the course of a human lifetime?


  7. That last paragraph is distilled intersectionalist poopytalk as you so aptly put it. If it were a pressurized cylinder it would explode after “at risk.” Betcha Aisha got the hell out of one of those at risk communities as soon as she could.


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