1. Good heavens, the stench in that room must be horrible. No wonder that chick is holding a raspberry flavored double decaf chai tea latte under her nose.


  2. I guess the lesson in this is to avoid recent graduates of Wright State’s medical school when seeking medical treatment.

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      1. Meant to end saying…you’ll often notice, the Minilov training camps (formerly known as universities) tend to be Ivy League or U of CA flagship schools, OR tiny unheard of irrelevant private libprog hellscapes like Wright Srate U.
        Midd-leish unis like most big state schools are still trying to figure out how to appease the neomarxist commissars with courses like this, without the majority of white working class families who pay for it all not finding out about it and getting concerned…pfff like they would do anything anyway


  3. The one White med student has no idea what they’re saying, because he’s quietly calculating how many milliliters of digitalis to give each performer, should any of them ever land in his ward as a patient.


  4. What the fuck is that on the right? It’s a guy wearing women’s clothes, no? And look at the tubbies throughout the picture. I love it when my “health care professional” can’t be bothered to take care of himself.


  5. Lol at the twerpy white thing at rhe far lwdt–is it a he or she? I cant tell. Christ the med students themselves look lije they could teach an SJW class. It should be observed these med student CHOSE to attend this progressive antiwhite poopytalk scat orgy. They are not YET forced to tale these 1984 Minilov indoc sessions.
    Nightmarish Lena Dunham Horror thing on the far right


  6. This doesn’t worry me. In the academy we tend to tolerate these freaks just long enough for them to get tired so we can get back to doing high IQ stuff while they shoot up in the parking lots. The mud hordes don’t have enough agency to waste more than one day per semester.


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