1. Mutual assured destruction presents: Wild Blingdom.

    And here we see the fully grown Freedonia Porch Sloth eating a steady diet all of all dat and a bag of chips. Creating food deserts by denuding entire cities of all edible food. The Freedonia Porch Sloth is the only land animal that eats about as much as a Whale or Mythological Behemoth. A staggering 16 tons of food goes down that gullet and yet it hardly moves at all. A veritable black hole of suck that can eat up to half the GDP and not do anything productive or Dindu Nuffin.

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  2. Meet the perfect Globohomo subject — physicality destroyed, mentally deficient, emotionally stunted, and spiritually dead. The material manifestation of lies and ugliness.

    If you can’t motivate yourself to actively resist this, there is no help for you.

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  3. Isn’t xir “manspreading” in that seat???

    Where are SJWs John Scalzi, Wil Wheaton, and Ernest Cline? Shouldn’t zhey be screaming “MANSPLAINER!” at this inconsiderate jerk?

    (Scalzi, Wil, and Cline were too busy doing the gay triskelion and couldn’t comment with each other’s dicks in their mouths)


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