1. That looks like child abuse to me. No White child should be exposed to blacks that way. Or any other way except from a long distance, looking through a Leupold or a high magnification spotting scope.

    I’ll feel a whole lot better about our posterity when the nearest non white neighborhood is either on the other side of a wall, or the other side of an ocean.

    The levels of betrayal and abuse White westerners have been subject since at least the 1960s’ defies belief.

    They all have to go back if we want anything resembling a decent future for White children that is not South Africa/Rhodesia.

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  2. I live in one of the poorest countries in Latin America. People are mostly indigenous here with black hair and skin in various shades of brown, but almost all the dolls little girls play with are blond. Make of that what you will.

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    1. Similar to a few years ago when SI did three or four swimsuit issue covers, one featuring a “plus-sized model” and the rest featuring attractive women. I’m not sure who buys hardcopies of the swimsuit issue anymore but I happened to be in a Walgreens where they were selling them and noticed that almost all that were left had the landwhale on the cover.


  3. Not surprisingly, these shithole dolls were abandoned, need a White person to adopt it, and does nothing but cry about racism and slavery. Toy stores have now gone Chapter 13 for globalist fantasies.

    Wakanda do, when shithole economics makes a Dead Mall for your merchandise?

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      1. Most of the black race are still in the Stone Age (literally in africa’s worst parts Or mentally they act like it here in the US)..The idea of black people in space is hilarious. Blacks kids only make it through high school becuase they are coddled to death and are placed as more important over the struggling white students. Same goes when they get their free college scholarships because their black.

        Black people in space is dangerous! But It’ll eventually become common and It wont be pretty. As we all know Diversity always leads to atrocity.


  4. Fucking sad. Its super annoying to go to Suburban Stores, where it’s mostly whites and then see the Dolls or Toys Being Half White and Half black. If anything it should be 80-90 percent white dolls on the shelves in the Suburban areas where it’s mostly white and maybe a few black dolls laying in the back of the shelf. But PC is PC. I actually saw an old woman with her Granddaughter take her shopping for a doll and I noticed she was stunned at all the black dolls and said “This is ridiculous, Ive never even seen a black girl try and buy a doll”. it was funny and I cant blame her for saying it!


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