1. The casual Orwellian rewriting of American history should set off alarm bells for those hip to what’s going on. Black women put us on the moon. According to “The Girls of Atomic City: The Untold Story of the Women Who Helped Win World War II”, a town of women in Tennessee propelled the nuclear programs.

    When Stephen Colbert came up with the term “truthiness” he was projecting to us how the left perceives reality. Their ideas “feel” true even though they can’t really back them up.

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    1. “Sure, many men died agonizingly in the surf at Tarawa, but that’s nothing compared to the immense contribution of some unskilled laborers who had vaginas!”

      These people are loathsome, as is the asinine, saccharine praise they receive from their media sycophants.

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    2. 100% agree, I read “The Girls of Atomic City: The Untold Story of the Women Who Helped Win World War II”, and the message of the book was basically that the women in the area were easy to train to read dials, because they went into it with no idea of what they were doing. As far as the “Hidden Figures” crap goes, it was completely exaggerated, and the woman it was based on was whiter than Pauly Shore, yet she is portrayed as a sassy black woman in the movie. This is the “black woman” the movie was based on. Notice a difference?


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    3. Postmodernism. The first thing it did, when it showed up on the heel of the Frankfurt School, is to obliterate the truth in an official, nuanced, almost scientific way.


  2. Really? Frida Kahlo? The unibrow woman who painted her head on a deer? The one who apparently banged Leon Trotsky in Mexico? The only one here worthy of looking at is gymnast Laurie Hernandez. Too bad she’s still technically jailbait.


  3. On a serious note. Anyone think an actual human male has ever fucked Ruth Bader Ginsberg?

    I imagine they left that highly dubious factoid out of her biography. But I imagine under that judge’s gown she is built like Iggy Pop or a hairless female chimpanzee.

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  4. After reading all these books, I’m convinced that if it wasn’t for women and blacks, nothing of any consequence would have occurred. In the entire history of mankind…..oops, genderless-mobile-meat-puppet-kind.


  5. A new and exciting (?) development in this book that proves the power of women. Chelsea stole the entire idea from a male writer, who had submitted his book to Penguin 2 years earlier and never heard back. Clinton’s ties to the Penguin execs is extensive. She used the same examples, quotes, names, and went for the same message. A very solid plagiarism case. I wonder if Dad and Mom will murder this guy to avoid any legal problems, because he wants $5 million in damages. Comes down to what the definition of “is is” and the “Clinton Four Big D’s”: Demonize the messenger, Deflect blame, Delay investigation, or DOA.


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