1. You didn’t miss anything. They are saying exactly what you would expect them to say.

      How do I submit a photo to this site?


  1. Typical propaganda by our race and culture traitors, ignoring the TRUTH… that the migrant “refugees” are boatloads, trainloads, hordes, of MEN in their prime, entering the West to plunder wealth and women.

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  2. I have never felt any emotion about “refugees”. I am Romanian – a country that survived about 7 centuries under Ottoman/Muslim occupation. Overall, Romanians – and most Eastern Europeans as well – were treatead worse by the sand-nig*ers than Black slaves in the US. Much worse. We paid for 7 centuries with our gold, our resources, our best boys for the sand-nig*ers army, our most beautiful girls for sand-nig*ers harems. Nobody gave us refuge and shelter. Nobody helped us. There were no abolitionists to cuck for us. We stoically resisted man by man, woman by woman through ethnic pride, faith and sometimes great, providential leaders like Vlad Tepes/the Impaler.
    That’s why I’m laughing my #Osoff and I bathe in fake (always fake, sand-nig#ers are skilled at faking, see Taqyia) refugee tears. Faggots, if you want freedom fight for it in your countries, if you want dignity just resist and fight. The world – and particularly the Europeans whose half of continent you enslaved for centuries – owes you nothing. LOL, tears for the drowned Aylan Kurdi? We had millions of little boys like him whom you killed, tortured, castrated to serve as janisaries and eunuchs in your sick part of the world.

    So, diversity+proximity=war. What they call ” refugees”, I call the offspring of our occupiers and tormentors. I won’t shed a tear and the only thing I pray for is a white/European leader who will follow the example of Vlad the Impaler. That’s the best method to deal with savage invaders/”refugees”.

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    1. Aaaaaand not to mention the fact that the current media is promoting some twisted shaming campaign to make ALL eastern europeans feel bad about the wars with turks and other invading hoards. If our ancestors had the same sick mentality as these self loathing cucks Europe would be one giant Ottoman brothel. We are who we are because our ancestors stood united against a common enemy, because they sacrificed everything to preserve their borders, their national identity and to give us the opportunity of a better future. Because of some delusional idiots we are supposed to welcome the very brutes our people fought for so very long? F U C K T H A T! Those “refugees” have more expensive phones than most of my hard working colleagues, are well-dressed and they have DEMANDS! The last time I checked a refugee was comfortable with anything that was offered to him because……he had nothing and just wanted to be safe. These aren’t refugees, these are invaders with demands.

      P.S. Felicitari Teodora! Mai rar sa gasesc o conationala care sa se exprime atat de limpede si transant in legatura cu aceasta problema.


  3. Would love to see a statistical comparison –

    A) # of black man – white woman couples in ads compared to # in target area
    B) # attractive BM
    C) # professional BM
    D) # attractive WW
    E) high status + admirinh onlookers

    Other interracial couples aren’t nearly as well represented.


  4. “Hello, refugees. I’m a local, and we refer to ourselves as ‘refusees’. Now git yerselves gone!”


  5. Soros and his ilk have to wonder how to suppress the internet’s smacking them down every time one of them spouts this bile. Of course, the video in every hand limits Ergodan-level oppression.
    And the marxist indoctrination centres (aka public schools) are collapsing under their own bloat.

    Soros is kept up wondering how his evil plans aren’t working.


  6. Observations:

    That girl from Sudan doesn’t even look human.

    That old guy bitching about Palestine should take the issue up with Israel and Jews.

    Is that other girl saying Iraq was great until we invaded?


  7. This was the suggested video after watching the propaganda. They spliced the propaganda video’s audio with real scenes of refugees in Europe being violent and attacking people:


  8. You hateful bastards.

    That one girl loves to rap and wants to be a lawyer. The other loves to play football and has so many football ideas to share.

    If it’s not obvious to you how desperately the west needs more rappers and lawyers and football players, then I cannot help you. This is the future. These are the people who will be funding your pensions (except of course for the old dude who makes kites because he’ll be dead in a few years).

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  9. I’d like to know when the jerkoffs who made this video will make a vid about the normal middle-class people who had to leave their homes because the neighborhoods went to sh*t after the drug-dealers, Section 8 losers, and other riff-raff moved in and ruined things. Nope, the virtue-signalling clowns who filmed this won’t ever talk about those people.


  10. Interesting how it’s never mentioned that the “refugee crisis” was created by the west as the west has attacked numerous countries in the middle east for the benefit of Israel.

    Does Israel take in “refugees”? Of course not, silly goyim…

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  11. But you don’t understand. The Huns just came here for a better life. Sure some Huns rape and pillage, but think of the children. Not all Huns are rapists. Some are women and children. Some are your women and children they have taken from you.
    Attila and his Huns just came for a better life. Feel the Love. Its about Love.
    Jebbius the Lesser of The Vagina Clan, Ancient Ruins


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