Yaaaasss child abuse!

An eight-year-old models a “sexy” dress that adults film and share on social media for virtue sniveling dopamine rewards.

That would be degenerate enough, except the eight-year-old isn’t a little girl.


  1. Yuck. I see this stuff going in real life every day. And yeah, mendo , it’s mostly single moms doing this stuff, encouraging their five yo or thereabouts sons to be fabulous cross dressers (oh, it’s just silly fun, of course!) and their little girls to princesses but bad asses who don’t need no man all at once.

    It’s insane and no one seems to notice.

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  2. The sexually confused have been promoted to the status of saints in much of our culture – they can do no wrong, and every parent wants their child to be one.

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    1. I’ve seen the alt-right/dissident right/trad/etc. give attention to how messed up race-mixed kids get with the misfit and confusion between culture and biology.

      But I’ve never seen consideration of Jews adopting goyische children and raising them to hate their own people/bodies/genes/nature.

      Having known several of these adoptees led me to conclude years ago that this is the reason New York City has the nation’s most draconian laws barring communication between adoptees and their birth families.

      Records of adoptions are absolutely sealed and require a lot of money and legal wrangling to access. There are formidable administrative barriers at every stage of the process.



      AISH in Jerusalem openly admits their HBD imperatives in adopting goyische babies:


      Of these adoptees I’ve known, all were subjected to extreme maternal abuse for acting like white children/adolescents. (Robust rather than weak, curious and physical rather than bookish, much more attractive than their adoptive families, not interested in mercantile pursuits.)

      All suffered abuse for choosing white boys or girls to date or as friends.

      Not one underwent bar/bat mizvah.

      Not one married or had children, but were hard workers and aggressive savers due to frugal habits…

      …and all feel compelled to leave these savings as legacies to their adoptive Jewish siblings’ offspring. Who themselves are in the top few percent of wealth nationally.

      Helluva evolutionary strategy.


  3. On the plus side, in the event he rapes a woman, because he identifies as a girl, he can’t get accused of rape because we all know only men are rapists. #smashthepatriarchy. And that thing hanging from his crotch? Meh, nothing more than an elongated clit.

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    1. 25 years later… Jack’s mascara runs as he weeps and bows meekly seconds before his head is hacked off by a Muslim who lacks the refinement to appreciate Jack’s mad skills.

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  4. Parricide will be the next devolutionary step in the perpetuating self-annihilation of the dulled “white” mass.


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