1. LOL yes. He’s an A+ class imbecile, not only for that… Belongs to the same party than the zio-prez Mauricio Macri, you can’t expect nothing good coming from them.

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  1. The second one looks like “Stop” only applies to men. If there were a way to make the stickman White, using only red LEDs, their message would be complete.


  2. Maybe it’s to let you know that freaks are crossing and hunting season is open. Blame it on traffic, as you steer with your knees while sipping a starcucks latte and blathering on about nonsense to your gender queer non-binary bronie friend over your iphag.

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  3. Progress means that lesbians and hermaphrodites can safely cross the street now. Or, to be gay and stuff? I dunno, walking guy was at least depicting an action.


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