1. I get that girls will always be attracted to bad boys. But it’s, for a lack of better words, amazing how we went from Presley, Pretty Boy Floyd, and Marlon Brandon, to this.


      1. You nailed it right there. Men are governed by womens’ desires, womens’ desires are governed by Fashion and Culture, and Fashion and Culture are governed by gay men and Hollywood Tribespeople.


  2. The comedy just keeps getting better! Aren’t you glad your parents and grandparents fought that war, America? Isn’t it comforting to know your descendants will eventually be mindless mulattos like this one? Heh heh. Poetic justice is beautiful. Goodbye, America–and good riddance!

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    1. I needle my shitlib boomer parents with this line. They know their parents are rolling in the grave. Everything they fought for… and the boomers just gave it away. I asked why I will never get to enjoy the same lives they did in their youth, and got some boilerplate about how it was unfair to blacks, etc. Virtue signaling is more important to White parents than their own children.

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      1. Yes, I am really getting sick of their stories about how they could walk around the entire city as children, safely; how they did not have to lock their house or car doors; how everyone in the neighborhood, school, etc. was White; etc. I just want to scream, “Then why did you SCREW IT UP for us, and your grandchildren?!!!”

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      2. I won’t defend the Boomers but a lot of the really bad decisions were made by “The Greatest Generation” in the 1960s. John Kennnedy’s “The Torch has Passed” speech meant that the generation that fought WWII was taking over. The oldest Boomer was about 15 in 1961 and 19 when the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act, the Hart Cellar Immigration reforms were passed and the Great Society programs began. If the WWII generation spins in its graves at all, it might be for the decisions they made, not necessarily what their progeny gave away.

        Over on vDare, it’s called Hitler’s Revenge.

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    2. It took 50 years, but Karma is a relentless bitch, and America (and England and France) have earned their punishments for fighting on the wrong side of WWII. A shame so many innocents have to suffer for the errors of their grandparents and great-grandparents, but, again, Karma is an unforgiving bitch.

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      1. Some call it karma, some call it the Frankfurt School.

        Those born after 1990, have no memory a better time. This hellscape will be their “good old days” 20 years from now.

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  3. I thought the freaks were always a side part of the carnival, but this one looks like he overcame white supremacism and became the whole show.


  4. His mother is from Dominica. He has four brothers and six sisters. He was expelled from middle school in 7th grade for gun possession. Wikipedia.


    1. Holy fucking shit. We already have reached that state of degeneracy here in Argentina. A week or so ago, a mother hit a teacher because the teacher wouldn’t let her child be taken by some relative (either it was a nephew or an uncle) but since the teacher didn’t know those guys, she didn’t let them take the kid away. Mother became batshit insane and began punching the woman, and now she faces up to 60 days of prison for assault/battery. Also is good to know, that the perp lady served a sentence of four years, due to kidnapping charges. Nice woman, huh?
      And is not rare now that dindus hit teachers because they don’t make their “bumblebees” get a passing grade. We may have light skinned dindus, compared to your dindus, but they are still dindus.


    2. lol…and that was in a science class, where one of the she-boons is a ‘science teacher’. Yeah…a lot of high-level STEM learning going on there! “Mines fist atoms is goin’ react wit yo’ face atoms, biiiitch!”

      Of course, they were fighting over a ‘male’ (probably the janitor, because he is one of the few negro men around with an actual job), but it could have just as easily have been a fight over a Big Mac, or who has the best hair weave.

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