J C explains what he finds objectionable about this photo op:

This picture triggered my natural disgust response. The more I stared at it, the more it disturbed me. I had to determine why:

-the fact that the sick little boy wants nothing to do with a bunch of middle aged women playing at superheroes from a movie that he’s never seen (couldn’t they get Captain America and Iron Man for chrissakes?);
– the fact that the brilliant marketing team behind this thought that it would be a good idea to exploit dying children as a form of promotion for this destined-to-be-steaming-turd;
– their forced and off-putting mugging for the camera in the cancer ward of a children’s hospital;
– a fatty, a sheboon, your mom, and a bull dyke cast in these roles as some sort of “perfect diversity” marketing scheme in an attempt to appeal to SJW millennial femicunts;
– the fact that this film was made at all, shitting on the legacy of the originals.

You can almost hear Stewie’s insolent “suck it, Dust Busters” as he thrusts his loins towards these harridans in a noble attempt at shielding his young charge from their self-serving act of feigned altruism.

Boys deserve male heroes, not washed-up feminist simulacra.


    1. All those people are going to hell. Also, look at dindu’s shirt. The sacrilege. (Though not sure if it’s Mary, but looks like a nun, but doesn’t really matter. For visiting sick kids, it’s as inappropriate as the disgusting photo-op.)

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    2. Thanks man. Now I’ll surely go to hell. My evil ass couldn’t avoid laughing.
      But seriously, none of the kids look even remotely happy. They just want to be left alone. Or at least….. they don’t want to be used as a part of some PR stunt. That’s evil.
      My guess is that these kids don’t understand much what’s going on. They look at all those happy people but they feel like ass. (You can tell just by looking at their faces). And because these strangers appear out of nowhere with their cameras, PR spiel and all, it actually makes them feel worse.

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  1. Don’t tell me that this picture is recent. Are they still trying to push this crap after it failed at the box office? And by using dying children as props no less. I’ve seen the movie and it’s so bad the CIA should use it in lieu of waterboarding to torture terrorism suspects.


  2. The poor child looks no older than 6 or 7. There’s no way he would have seen the movie, much less care about it. I would say they should be ashamed of themselves, but they’re so deep in their own psychosis that they probably believe they did a good thing. As a parent, I’d be furious at their ham fisted attention whoring.

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  3. What’s really bad is compare the pictures with the little black girl and the little white boy.

    You can tell they couldn’t even be bothered to try with the little boy.

    But with the little girl they are putting in dynamic poses and honestly happy to be there.

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  4. I always thought Ghostbusters sucked ass as a little kid. Post Caddyshack Bill Murray was pretty much all shit.


  5. It’s just crazy how messed up it is that a bunch of “ghost” busters go to visit people who are near death or dying.

    That had to be intentional, I can’t imagine it not being.

    They can’t be “that” clueless.

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    1. If you read between the lines in that story the truth boils down to this:
      The husband is a closet queer who tolerates banging his wife on certain occasions. He has a good job with benefits/rich family who he has to keep up appearances for. The wife knows all this and keeps her mouth shut to maintain the comfortable life his job/family provide. Tyrone the electrician/plumber/AC/garbageman came by one day…and 9 months later this brood of “embryos” was born,…or the wife fucked her crack dealer for 2 extra hits.


  6. American capitalism: Profiting from the poisoning and suffering of others. And people have the nerve to call me a Nazi with scorn. God damn them all.

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  7. An extraordinary, devastating portrait of the total victory of the suggestible, mindless, hysterical female programmed by and in thrall to bolshie culture.

    Also that culture’s and these females’ absolute power over our boys. Ball Busters.

    I wondered who is behind the camera. Mommy J. Munchausen? A PR agent for the hospital? Some other staffer? News droid?

    Reminded me of the little boy at the pissy hat march.

    Re: that hospital room in hell. I figure the original storming of the gates was the phenomenon of Hospital Clowns.

    A space dedicated to therapeutic treatment of sick and dying children would be considered by any normal and loving person to be a cathedral of grief and fury where reverence and tenderness are especially called for.

    Intrusion of the culture of the grotesque spectacle–with Purim or Challahwood memes no less–into that is despicable.

    But highly calculated. And IME, common.

    Never misunderestimate the contempt, resentment, even hatred for their own (as well as others’) offspring that many breeding humans feel. People bash on about abortion…but I’ve always felt that anyone who doesn’t want a pregnancy sure as scheisse doesn’t want parenthood.

    But then other people have kids, which can raise additional contempt/resentment/hatred. Still, pretending to care is lucrative…though IME many enter the child-caring professions for the money/ego boost/narcissistic supply.

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    1. “A space dedicated to therapeutic treatment of sick and dying children would be considered by any normal and loving person to be a cathedral of grief and fury where reverence and tenderness are especially called for.”

      Indeed. The somber contemplation of a priest is what’s called for here, but our society has rejected such things. Our world is that of materialism, hedonism, and greed. He who has the most toys wins. In such a world, we can’t conceive of the infinite; of the existential mysteries which confront us. And so we grin like lunatics, imagining that what these children need is a good laugh or a shot of opiods.



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