1. I decided to look up this outfit.Watched the informational video. No mention of looking for the father or any other family. According to the dead-eyed mystery-meat jello mound who is featured in the photo above, the most important things are that the baby be “saved” and the mother have no justice inflicted on her for her rampant sluttery. The freemason pederast cops and K of C fags will have their fun as well – while Consuela y Babooniqua fill the Baby Boxes as fast as they can fill their baby boxes.

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  2. Many states now do this. The idea is if a woman drops an unwanted newborn at a Fire Dept. (or Police, or hospital) the baby lives and is legally an orphan (no identification or prosecution of whoever drops it off). Typically the baby is available for adoption immediately. It was done as a more humane alternative to dumping the newborn in a trash can or dumpster – which was happening.


      1. The problem is that without the obligation of caring for their spawn, they will continue breeding unchecked and swamp future generations with their genetic detritus.

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      2. The problem is that she grunts it out and it becomes YOUR dependent.

        The problem is that she leaves and grunts out another one, with absolutely no cost or consequence to herself.

        The problem is that it further undermines the utility of abortion and birth control as a way of holding in check r-strategy/low IQ reproduction.

        The problem is that its sperm donor laughs in your face.

        The problem is that this low iq gruntling becomes a token in the salvation drama of shitlibs.

        The problem is that the gruntling itself grows up alienated from its own flesh and blood, which never wanted it, and surrounded by those who love it, whom it will hate.

        The problem is that it is with such mindless softness that manly civilizations are rotted out from underneath.

        {ed: pro comment}

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    1. Institutionalizing moral decay cannot be justified – EVER.

      We need to fix the root causes – ie reinforce societal morality – not building trashcans so the rotten apples falling off the tree can land safely.

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    2. I understand all of that. It’s the ‘Why should I care as long as they are not white’ part I am struggling to deal with.


  3. At least one can assume that in a convent, nuns might raised the baby with discipline.

    Also, maybe they should install baby drop off boxes in leftist neighborhoods.

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  4. These were common in Europe in the middle ages, and were called “foundling wheels.”

    Everything old is new again.

    It’s like in some places in the U.S., the last 250 years of technological and scientific progress never happened, with mothers lacking any means of preventing unwanted pregnancies or earning enough bread to feed their unfortunate offspring. What sad pre-scientific, pre-industrial, pre-literate people! I bet they’re all Hillary voters too.

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    1. Ben said:

      “with mothers lacking any means of preventing unwanted pregnancies or earning enough bread to feed their unfortunate offspring.”

      Horse Shit!

      What F**King planet do you live on, Ben???


      1. Some people find it hard to detect subtle humor on the internet. You seem to be one of them.

        Hint: The sentence in question began “It’s like…”

        Meaning, to put things in overly explicit terms: Of course birth control is widely available in the U.S., and of course modern industry makes it trivially cheap to produce basic food and clothes.

        My point, though, is that the residents of some parts of the U.S. are so backwards that they can’t even​ take advantage of mindlessly easy birth control, or hold down a minimum wage job to afford basic food for themselves or their children. And that these same folks tend to be Hillary voters.


    2. My point, though, is that the residents of some parts of the U.S. are so backwards

      This reminds me of a road trip across the US a few years back — I stopped in Vicksburg, MS — after a nite in a hotel, I needed to do some washing in a laundromat before getting underway again — in the laundromat were a couple black women with their unruly kids — I did not have to listen to them for more than a couple of minutes to conclude they would be more at home in a previous century — so unbelievably stupid, primitive, uneducable — IQs in the 70s most likely — with kids who will turn out just like them.

      Personally I believe that given their high levels of criminality and low levels of academic achievement, Blacks are a net drag on the US — and without affirmative action in government employment there would be virtually no black middle class.


  5. Why can’t we have a required national adoption/abortion registry. Similar to the ones sex offenders have to sign up for. Background check: “oh, it says here you killed 4 fetuses, sorry we don’t have any open positions in HR at this moment, but we’ll keep your resume in our ‘talent’ network”.

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  6. And this is a bad thing why? Better than murdering an unwanted baby. And race has nothing to do with this one. The babies go up for adoption, so no, the taxpayer, white or otherwise, is on the hook for this.


  7. You would be surprised at how many young females go into labor and don’t know Thing 1 about how babies are conceived or born.

    Not my monkeys, not my circus. Unfortunately they’re my problem anyhow.

    Seriously how do you make it to 12-13 or so without knowing the birds and bees? But it STILL happens today. Mostly in urban black communities from my experience. Sex is just st another thing to do. Birth is just another thing to do. Voting is just another thing to do.

    These boxes are mostly for white girls who know enough to feel shame over getting knocked up.


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