1. Curious as to how many hetero white men work in advertising (not C-suite level). I think 30-something lied to us that that business is mostly straight white men.

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    1. It’s not just advertising. Hard core Pornography has gone to insane levels of Black male on White female sex. Perhaps as much as 30% and rising. Actresses who decline interracial are quietly edged out of the industry. Let’s face it, they are trying to destroy our bloodlines, it should make our blood boil. There must be consequences.

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      1. A lot of white women in porn are really (((white women))) with face lifts and anglo names.


      2. Sounds like a porn site right there, Jewish chicks and Black dicks. I wonder why it hasn’t been done yet…


      3. All right foot soldier could not be more wrong. Are you on crack? Tons of (physically) beautiful shiksa are the female victims of all of the humiliation porn.

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  3. What’s hilarious about ads like this are that they’re trying to reach the “invisible audience”. Yes, there are interracial couples out there, but they only make up about 10% of all couples. No matter how enlightened you are, chances are you’re going to date or marry someone who looks like you.

    Ad companies (As well as most forms of media) also tend to be really out of touch with the American heartland because they’re found in major cities, which of course have lots of diversity. This is why in every McDonald’s commercial it seems like blacks make up 50% of the population, because in a lot of cities there are tons of blacks. But once you leave the cities it gets pretty white, and people can’t connect to this level of diversity. Hell, I live in NYC and I still think the amount of diversity we see in the media is really pushing it.


  4. Also, notice how the man is trailing behind the wife, looking at her as she gazes off into the distance. This is like gender-swapped aloof game.


    1. Goes to show just how little women truly value Beta-Men.

      He belongs in the back with the mini-van.

      He’s simply there to provide some economic function and help prop up her life style while being as involved in it as a little as possible.

      She isn’t doing aloof-game.

      She is simply “Aloof”.

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    1. Until you mentioned that didn’t even realize it.

      Guy was in the back enough and blurred enough I just thought the squinty eyes of him and his kids was a combination of that a blurring.


  5. The casting of the woman is pretty accurate in terms of appearance, although rare compared to their white guy/gook wife counterpart. Whenever I’ve seen a gook guy/white chick couple the girl is a skinny awkward looking nerd chick tending to hover around the 3-5 max in facial attractiveness range.

    Basically too unattractive/weird to snag a white guy but too intelligent to go black.

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    1. Good observation. Asian men don’t like fatties, so they end up with beanpole looking WW with undesirable facial features. It’s hard to judge faces across racial lines; the WW may seem perfectly passable to them. The Asian women I find attractive are never the same ones that my Asian friends like.


  6. She brought her yoga mat to the picnic.

    And I’ll bet that SUV is a hybrid (with the radio tuned to NPR). These are some enlightened mother fuckers…

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    1. Not shown: they’re “camping” at the base of a cell tower, because “nature is all well and good, but I need at least four bars to post to Facebook!”.

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  7. What a stupid fucking ad. What Asian man/white chick couple needs 6 month financing for $99?! So the agency here is obviously speaking to no one, and is just preening. And Pay Pal goes along with it. It’s more of a PSA for miscegenation than an ad for financing.


    1. I’m slowely edging myself out of using paypal. Keep different brands of card to keep competition up and pay directly, learn bitcoin, litepay etc. keep using cash as much as possible, bypass the bastards.

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    1. Nothing to bang, in that pic. They didn’t have the courtesy to bring even a fugly chick to the potluck. This is like an evil cross between Thanksgiving and the Groundhogs Day movie, where the foreigners show up and sponge off their hosts — every. damn. day. over. and. over.
      If their homeland is good enough to keep their banging-age women, it’s good enough for these asswipes too.

      The Joy Ruck Crub below — are those all mail-order brides? Whatever they paid, those guys got robbed. I’m guessing gaypal doesn’t guarantee Return Shipping on that category of merch.

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