1. Reproducing is only one step. Some people can only have one child, for whatever reason. But actively supporting any and all kids in self-actualization outside of childbearing is as sterile as never having had kids at all.

    I want grandkids damnit and ASAP and I think that’s natural. You want to know you’ve left something good behind. The hope is that you did.


  2. Blame it on the Protestants. They were the first Christian sect to break with longstanding tradition and permit contraception. Separating the unitive from the procreative aspect of sex laid the foundation for the globohomo matrix. Contraception to sex without consequences to promiscuity to divorce to fatherless homes to abortion as a “cherished right” to homosexuality to Caitlin. It’s all there.

    And it all started in Lambeth, England in 1930.

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    1. https://veneremurcernui.wordpress.com/2014/01/28/over-80-years-ago-men-predicted-the-coming-homosexualization-of-the-culture/

      Over 80 years ago, men predicted the coming homosexualization of the culture
      When the Anglican church at the Lambeth Conference of 1930 became the first Christian church or sect to break ranks with the 2000 year belief and practice of the Christian Faith regarding contraception, there was massive scandal in religious circles. The breech in doctrine was roundly derided even by most other “mainline” liberal protestant sects. Of course, Pope Pius XI responded with the seminal Casti Connubii, which just absolutely castigated the Anglican position and still is the most comprehensive Magisterial statement on the evils of contraception and the “sex for pleasure” mentality that has ever been released. All Catholics should read it – the differences between Casti Connubii and Humanae Vitae are stark.

      Even still, the breech created by the Lambeth declaration was minuscule compared to the gaping departures from Christian belief embraced by most protestants and Catholics today. Lambeth allowed married couples only to discern, in concert with a minister, whether they might use contraception due to some ostensibly serious reason for what was intended to be a limited period of time (the precise same reasoning used to justify Natural Family Planning). But a breech once made in a matter of Dogma soon turns into a chasm. Even though many protestant sects originally protested the Lambeth decision, some vehemently, it wasn’t even 5 years before many began to issue their own, similar statements. Within 20 years, permission for use of contraception had become pretty much blanket within the sects. Within 30 years, you had major theologians in numerous protestant sects claiming that not only was contraception acceptable, it was a positive good, and such a good that ALL responsible people were obligated to use it. And at the same time, you had protestant theologians also embracing the “good” of abortion in that same timeframe.

      That is to say, the slippery slope fallacy is one that often proves true in a religious context. What is interesting to me is that some orthodox faithful, inside and outside the Church, predicted this rapid demise of Christian moral doctrine as soon as the Lambeth declaration was made. And even more, they foresaw that separating the possibility of procreation from the marital act would even lead to a societal acceptance of sodomy and sodomites. There were even Anglican bishops who saw this connection, such as a Bishop Gore. Even the Washington Post, in an editorial printed on March 22 1931 (taken from p. 471 of The Crisis of Christendom) observed that this seemingly small rejection of Dogma would lead to massive repercussions:


      1. The Pope should’ve been weeding out the pedos and faggots from his own hierarchy, rather than pointing and shrieking at the Anglican policy on rubbers and pulling-out.


  3. I saw that about a month ago. I tried to take a photo of it, but was too far away, as I was driving right behind the car that had it.


    1. Alex the Goon said:

      The Pope should’ve been weeding out the pedos and faggots from his own hierarchy, rather than pointing and shrieking at the Anglican policy on rubbers and pulling-out.

      Big difference between controlling fag/homo priests in 1930 (arguably not as prevalent as today’s goofy leftoid Catholic church. You are making the classic error of imposing today’s values on the past and its culture. Was your grandmother a feminist in 1930 and had she boned up 25 cocks before age 22? Yeah, didn’t think so.


      1. The Anglican Protestant church, on the other hand, gave the green light to promiscuity for MILLIONS of people, which insures your cock-carousel riding daughter will never become mother, much less a grandmother


  4. Seeing lots of these lately along with people describing themselves as “dog mom” or “dog dad”. Evolutionary dead ends to the last. Enjoy mocking them while they’re still around, because in 2 generations they’ll be extinct.


  5. I hit this page today b/c this afternoon I saw “I love my grand cat” on a Subaru. First thought, “I celebrate the barren womb of my whore daughter and semen stained lips of my son.” Figures you were already aware of these trending bumper stickers. While both portend the end of civilization, I think the Grand Cat is magnitudes worse than a Grand Dog. My buddy is 40, well traveled, in good shape financially and physically, and happily playing the field. His mother desperately wants him to settle on one woman and make babies. Instead his parents babysit his dog while he goes on vacations and business trips. His mother jokes this is the closest she’ll get to a grandchild. I could see her putting the Grand Dog sticker on her car. She knows, though, that he could still find the right girl. Or a swimmer could sneak through and hit the egg. A grand child is a real possibility in her future. But a Grand Cat. Cats fend for themselves. Nobody babysits a cat or takes them out for a walk or has them ride along to the bank and the post office. Who other than a cat owner bonds with a cat? Unlovable feminists and doughy nancybois have cats. For a mom to bond with her adult child’s cat, she knows the gig is up. Her kid is never giving her grand children. They’re not even cool enough to have a dog. There just isn’t much to love about them. “I love my grand cat.” Where’s that box of wine…


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