1. Do you really think that “America” (United Stated, really, America is a continent) will suddenly become a fabulous paradise after a wall is built near Mexico? That’s magical thinking.


  1. This was just spitting in our faces.

    Alice’s Restaurant can easily be turned to a new antigovernment sentiment.

    Ryan wants to shut down the parks? What worked for the hippies and anarchists? Sit in to,open them, anyway? They belong to us. Take back the rules, the paradigm, the process. They worship this stuff, shove it in their faces.


  2. You see? This is why I don’t vote. Doesn’t matter who gets elected, this shit will keep happening. Also, Trump put his Jew son in law as advisor, so there.


  3. I expect they’ll go all out in Dinosaur media talking up the enormous sufferink of people who don’t have The Nanny caring for them anymore. Only essential services will be funded. The non-essential services are of course what they call GOVERNMENT.


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