Keep telling yourself that, cross-dresser.

Background: Another converged company, Dove, is all-in with the degenerate freak parade. (Link courtesy of Black Hat Press.)

Dove launched its inclusive advertising campaign about motherhood with a commercial for baby products, featuring a transgender mother.

The commercial for “#RealMoms” shows a variety of mothers including stay-at-home moms, first-time moms, and single moms — and says “moms are redefining what it means to be a ‘good mom'” in their commercial.

2+2 = 5, Winston. It is required.


  1. Its satanic.

    Diversity just means White Genocide.

    Freedom now from this enforced, coercive, parasitic, anti-white, genocidal diversity. Its a crime, not a ‘policy option’

    There are Four lights!!! Four.


  2. Kid’s going to grow up and if they are lucky, he or she will move far, far away. The alternative will be gruesome.


  3. Ever notice how the “I fucking love science”, crowd never comes out against this flagrant rejection of basic biology? No matter how many hormones this reprobate takes, no matter what he cuts off or gets bolted on, he will never be a woman.

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    1. Ever notice how the “I fucking love science” crowd is comprised mainly of people who really have no idea what science is and have never done any actual science beyond copying 7th grade physics lab notes from the smart kid?

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      1. Gee, it’s almost as though by getting more and more Out There with their advertising propaganda the Hollanders are begging somebody to give them a good enough argument to risk corporate profits by pushing back against other advertising propaganda.

        Or not.

        I’m betting not.

        I scanned the list three times. We buy nothing on it…though have several pints of Talenti gelato in the deep freeze that showed up at the local Grocery Outlet for a buck each. My first observation when we opened one: the texture was “bean gum” slimy. Noted no eggs in the ingredients list but, yeah, bean gum. Checked old Talenti jars doing service in the armorer’s bench. Yep, there used to be eggs.

        But, the label reassures us, it’s kosher. So there’s that. Combined with tranny, that must add up to like 2% of the population. A minority in whose favor at least close to the majority must be posturing support, otherwise why else these images? Right?

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  4. Female consumers have perceived weaknesses. “Am I gonna be a good mom? Time to worry… rev up the rationalization hamster”. Female consumer watches freak females “redefining” motherhood on YouTube or Ellen. “If these freaks can cover up their weakness in public then so can I! All I have to do is subscribe to this new idea/emotion of freak motherhood and I can protect my pride, cuz lol, I’ll be a way better mother than some freak in a dress. Hmm maybe the best way to get out this new message of redefining motherhood is through supporting dove so they can spread this message…”. ( Feel free to criticize my post)

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  5. This is one of the symptoms men have when they suffer from low testosterone…along with other mental illness issues.


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