1. Good heavens, what are we looking at.

    Funny thing I noticed though is that Mommy 37 seems to be looking a Step Mom 37 as if to say:

    “Damn you Step Mom, how dare you make life bearable for a man I wanted to humiliate by marrying a negro.”


    1. The kicker is the regular dad is paying for everyone. Half of his salary goes towards mom and step dad, who may or may not be on EBTs. Step Mom probably works but likely spends more than her current salary.


    1. At that age, regardless of parental motivation to involve a daughter in sports, jersey numbers don’t mean much to anyone involved. My kids were assigned numbers in the 30s due to random pick-a-tee shirt from the pile. They played enough.

      My girls are only sorta interested in team sports. I suspect that, like their father and me, they will do better in sports like track, cross-country, cycling, swimming, and target shooting. You’re part of a team, but individual effort counts in a different way.

      The boy? He shows signs of being follower until he’s learned enough to dominate. I leave that to Daddy to manage; have no idea how that plays out on a field or in life. I danced ballet and rode my bike. Ball sports are not my interest in general and I don’t feel a pressing need to impose them on my kids.


  2. Doesn’t seem like Daddy upgraded.

    What’s the point of these shirts? (I know, I know, but damn, that is some high level ego virtue signaling right there.) Or maybe virtue signaling isn’t the right word, but that’s all ego right there.

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    1. Stepmom’s shirt does say “Stepmom” instead of “Mudshark”. That alone is worth +5. Not that she’s a 5 or 6. Mudmom is below zero.


  3. There are several things being presented in this photo.

    1 – Trampling on the notion of a traditional family with the leftist lie that it takes a village to raise a child.
    2 – Miscegenation
    3 – Feminist lie that the sexes are equal using their latest silly idea that soccer is a sport where girls can excel and exceed their male counterparts.
    4 – The left’s idea of white privilege and reversing it. The child of color on the field, active and engaged with the white child on the sidelines.

    As I write this, I can’t help but think this photo is staged for self-loathing, liberal consumption.

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    1. This is why they have to throw their virtue signaling in your face. Program it on TV, and ban books that stand against it. They do not want one of the little rascals wandering off plantation and coming back with the wolf pack to eat the rabbits.


    2. I will disagree with you on one point. It does take a village to raise a child. But we are talking a village of trusted mature people, not a revolving door of complete strangers that mommy and daddy hook up with.


    3. Follow me here, Juan:
      You are correct in stating that ONE HUGE reason little girls are put into soccer at a young age is because their parents see them beating “little boys” at something… LITTLE girls can often beat their male counterparts in Soccer in the “early years” – especially those years where girls hit puberty, but the boys have not yet (between 11-13). But once the boys reach 13-14 years old, it’s O-V-E-R!! and usually in a quite viscous way.

      Those “little boys” get a dose of testosterone and a few “hairs” and all those years of getting beat by the girls come out with a vengeance – I’m a referee; I’ve seen it TOO many times… All those giggly moms become savage, anti-male bitches because their girls can no longer out-run, out muscle or our-outmaneuver their old punching bags who are now showing signs of “manhood.”

      Once the 13-year old boys realize it, they POUR on the punishment – I don’t mean violence, I mean in just “skill of play” and they start to HAMMER the girl teams — scores get run WAYYYY up 10-0, 12-0, 15-0…

      I think it’s funny to watch the girls’ parents not understand why little Suzie can’t outrun Big Johnny anymore.. they get mad – REAL DAMN MAD! Their whole world of “gender equality” is smashed right before their eyes – and it usually takes about 5 minutes for it to happen – like a slow, glorious train-wreck…

      90% of the girls will be out of the sport by age 15.

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      1. It must be something to see, the crushed delusions of soccer moms. Sounds like fun!

        Basic bio-engineering: what does it take to support a given population? A pregnant or nursing woman burns as many calories as a man. During most of primate history, mothers of small children would starve if they had as much bone and muscle as a male. Gnon frowns on anything that endangers small children.

        This is why a boy develops a hollow leg when he get man-sized. That was a consolation for having a girl: she’s easier to feed. When she starts baby-making, the extra calories would be her husband’s problem. Should be, anyway. (Dealing with bastardy is a whole ‘nother discussion.)


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