1. This goes beyond race. Most Americans just can’t have enough. Big Gulps, big asses, big dicks, big houses, big trucks, big purses. And at the end of the day they end up with big guts, big medical bills, and big debt.

    Screw that.


  2. It simply amazes me how large human beings can get. (Caution: old fogey moment ahead.). When I was a kid (late ’60s/early ’70s), it was extremely unusual to see land whales like this; now it’s commonplace. My God, my God, what hath we wrought?

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    1. The rapidity of American downbreeding stuns me. The Samoanization of Americans is one of the top features, another the degradation of facial features.

      Massive obesity largely comes from use of antibiotics in globally/factory farmed livestock for both disease control and as a bulking agent for the animals. Remember, Globo Ag gets paid in shekels per pound for “food” animals.

      Between that and doctors who hand out antibiotics to infants and children like candy, people’s microbial gut ecology is devastated and their bodies become scarcely mobile adipose tumors.

      Normally wouldn’t quote PoliSci Am, but, good intro here:


      Click on the Nature link for the journal article.

      Doubt that surprises many here. High carb diet is also linked–feeding grass and root sugars to the altered gut flora.

      On the other end of this Health Crisis, Dr. HMO Goldbergstein rubs his hands together to think of all the socialized medicine megashekels.

      So you’ve got EBT subsidizing Globo Ag, owned by Sackler-pumped everybody’s-doctor-a-pusher Globo Pharma, and Globo Pharma wanting to become Obamacare/whatever subsidized Globo Med. With your body as the real estate, goy.

      Farming is, of course, what the Abrahamics have done since long before their patriarch left Sumeria. Our Hebraic competitors know how lucrative it is to remake humans into livestock.

      But I also know from much experience that they’ve had lots of help from the Catholics and Protestants. Which is why they’re all hostile to we lean mean Fogeys Of The Pleistocene and our projectiles.


    1. Mudshark workout. Burn the calories while you wrestle with little Sambos and Sambas. Get yours for only $19.99, plus a lifetime of suffering and misery. Act now!


    2. On a more serious note, in only 3-4 more short years, she will not be able to handle that groid. Hopefully, he will OJ her.


    1. …yeah no one is born racist. Thats why children have to be told non-stop that astronauts, doctors, scientists, and superheroes are always ‘groids.


    2. I’ll wager that Brandi Benner completely made up that story and that the interaction between the child and the allegedly RACISS clerk didn’t even happen. SJWs have a need to virtue signal and make up fake hate crimes.


    1. Orange, Grape, or some kind of Tropical/berry flavored Sprite. I stopped at a gas station in the hood one day and they had about 15 varieties of Sprite, ones I have never seen in any 7-11 or mainstream store.


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