1. Used to be friends with an SJW couple. The kind that talked big about working with the poor and diversity being our strength, but bought an enormous house in the richest neighborhood in town (gated, naturally). At their housewarming party, I was looking through the books in their fully stocked library and was amazed at the variety of selection. In the decade or so that I knew them, I had had no idea they were such extensive readers and said as much to Mrs. SJW.

    No, the lady of the house laughingly told me. Her sister is an interior designer and spent $500 at multiple garage sales on boxes of books to give the library a “well read” look.

    “You haven’t actually read any of these?” I asked. She proudly stated she hadn’t read a book since college.

    It was nauseating, but at least the hor d’oeuvres were on point.

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    1. everyone does this now. my ultra-nationalist mega rightwing bby booming parents nabbed some old well-read theological volumes of mine to put on a table.

      vanity vanity…


    2. “proudly stated” Yikes!

      I wonder if any of those books would be an SJW no-no and if they ever got called out on it. What would they day, “oh, we just use it for decoration.” Wouldn’t that be even worse?!

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      1. My main source of entertainment is reading, I can’t stand to watch TV anymore. It’s just so bad. Cable especially.

        I’d rather improve myself intellectually than drool while I stare at a screen.


      2. It wasn’t a library to be proud of (garage sale books are usually mediocre/terrible books no one cares to keep), but there were a lot of science texts and biographies, along with old classics and encyclopedias, mixed with Danielle Steele and Stephen King. That didn’t fit with what I knew about them, but finding out they specifically bought used books to look well read made sense for them. Like all SJWs, they’re polished outside, rotten inside.


    3. You described a few people I know like that. Will proudly tell you they haven’t read a book since college, but can give the latest updates on how the Kardashian’s and other celebs are living their lives.
      Like the other posted suggested, slip in a copy of Mein Kompf, and a bunch of books on white supremacy, accepting homosexuality, How To: Home Abortion addition, and a few back issues of Screw magazine or German Shit Porn. Since they apparently don’t read the books, they won’t notice the new additions, but their guests will.

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  2. Pretty much. The Colleges are way off-mission attacking good spelling, Great Books, and math basics.

    Studies have shown the most well-read/informed are:

    3-libertarian voters

    In the Soviet era the joke was a communist had read some Marx and became a conservative when they read all of Marx.


  3. In thinking about this last night, it reminded me of The Twilight Zone episode: The Obsolete Man.

    He was a librarian.

    Check it out. Quite eerily accurate of where we’re headed.

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