1. Staging a beach shoot at surf’s edge with a corpulent female is a hilarious shiv delivered by the Photog.

    Now, where is Green Peace to push he back in to the water? Or is that next in the series of photos?


  2. If the photographer was a veteran that shot the previous covers back in the 80s, 90s, etc, he has to be considering suicide at what a once great gig turned into such a miserable fucking slog. Poor chap.

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  3. So lets see some pics of your wives. While mine isn’t this big she aint no barbie doll either. I don’t see the problem. To each their own I guess.


  4. Usually I’m in agreement with commenters here, but you guys aren’t fooling anyone: every one of you would fuck her so fast it’d leave a sonic boom.

    {ed: most men with options would not fuck this land whale. slender woman >>>>>> fatty, every time.}

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    1. No, only the no-pride chubby chasers, or those melanin enhanced humans who go for that sort of thing.

      To each their own.


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