The sickness.

Goodbye, America? Good riddance, America.



  1. Damn you for posting this right before my lunch break.

    I give up. Let the Russians or the Mexicans or the Muslims invade this country. We’re fucking done for anyway.


  2. some would say; ” kill it! kill it with fire! ”

    the left is like a big asylum where all sorts of different freaks gather,

    leftoids are fvcked up people…no wonder pedophilia is no big deal to them


    1. It’s like CH said, their disgust threshold is damn near non-existent. This level of degeneracy is beginning to make Sodom & Gomorrah seem tame by comparison.

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  3. ” It is equally important to note that some trans people experience severe gender dysphoria when breast or chestfeeding, and that they may decide not to nurse their babies for mental health reasons.”

    The mental health ship has already sailed, struck a rock, sank, and turned into a coral reef.

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    1. There is bound to be something wrong with milk that came out of that MAN.
      There’s no end to this liberal commie leftist evil.


  4. It’s well known that people taking hormones are at risk of a spectrum of adverse effects. I can only SHUDDER at the adverse effects that will certainly show up in the children being sacrificed on this altar of open insanity. Every drug, every hormone injected into or swallowed by the producer of the milk will be swallowed by the godforsaken child.

    Every person associated with this evil should be executed. And in the fullness of time, they will be.

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  5. If when I was a young adult (which is a good while ago) someone had told me such degeneracy would not only exist but be celebrated in the media, I would not have believed them — the same goes for allowing immigration to make Whites a minority — some say there’s a lot of ruin in a nation as strong as the US used to be, but behold: that ruin is now in sight.


    1. I’m in my 50s and had someone told me this would happen when I was 25 I would have bet a lot of money this would never ever happen………At times it feels like I am having a bad dream as this is too weird to be real…yet it is real………….here is more horror ; the liberal government of the province of Ontario ( population 14 million ) in Canada has recently passed what is called Motion 103, it may eventually become a law…and what is it about? it says that islamophobia is a crime, saying bad things about muslims is a crime………how far are we from sharia law with motion 103? very close, dangerously close……… is hard for me to believe this is happening in nations built by non-muslims, where over 90 or 95 % of the population is Not muslim………..obviously the democrat party in the USA and the liberal party in Canda are now controlled by muslims…nothing else can explain this crazy situation….liberals politicians are madly in love with islam…that is so weird words escape me………the women’s march were organized by a pro-sharia muslim woman called Linda Sarsour……….that is like blacklivesmatter being run by a member of the kkk…that is how crazy things are …….it is like a freakin’ night mare but it is real…


  6. If my father and grandfather (both deceased) were to come back for an afternoon and I were to explain the world we currently live in: homosexual marriage, “gender reassignment”, pedophilia as normally accepted behavior, political correctness BS, the womyn’s march and the self-loathing infatuation with Islam; I’m certain they would look at each other and say in unison, “So glad we lived when did and are now dead. We’re outta here.”


  7. It’s a shame that so many of these Millennial men are screwed up like this fellow. Just think…”men” like this will be raising future children who will most likely grow up to be like their father.

    And with women having stronger personalities and eventually wearing the pants in the family, it’s easy to see that this combination of a strong woman and a weak man make for bad parents.

    How did it all go wrong…and how can we return to normal?


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