Jesus Cucking Christ


Sigma K explains,

Was at the Catholic Church for my father’s funeral. The new art they used is this statue when they refurbished the church a few years ago. This is an almost all white neighborhood North of Detroit. It’s that way because of white flight in the 60s-70s. White’s will never learn.

Looks like we need a funeral for the church.

There’s a psychological undercurrent subtly conveyed by this “artwork”. You’ll notice the chocolate imp is sitting in (presumably) Jesus’ lap, while the White children gather round Jesus almost like they are his apostles. Everyone stares lovingly and tenderly at the black baby. The message is that the African orphan is a charity case through which empathobesic White Christcucks may demonstrate their virtue. It’s Captain Save-a-Fro as Church policy, and you will only ever see this sort of thing in all-White churches. (Black churches have black iconography. Blacks, for all their dysfunction, are unashamed of their race.)


  1. The ceremony for my father was simply awful.

    The priest was weak but my all female family loved it because it was touching…

    They had some lady playing a shitty keyboard/synth and singing with all of the awe, reverence and wonder of a month old loaf of bread. All doughy and moldy.

    My dad’s corpse had more “T” in it a week after he died than the priest.

    I understand why men are no longer interested in church. I understand why church is dying. I see why those vibrants/muzzies are so welcome.

    Dalrock is correct, the church is poison.

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    1. Sounds worse than my grandma’s funeral. The priest was a geriatric White guy, and his altar boy was … an old gook. I couldn’t shake the image of those two having a Clouseau-Kato relationship in their off-work hours, where the White master has to fend off sneak-attacks in his living quarters.
      I also see why one of the Ten Commndments forbids graven images. This Hummel-from-Hell was only inevitable. On the bright side, at least Jesus doesn’t have an afro. Yet.

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  2. Over at Occam’s Razor/Dark Enlightenment I read a comment that Christianity is becoming loud, brown and obnoxious. This certainly seems true of the present Roman Catholic Church and mainstream Protestant churches. Is there any hope in either the evangelical Protestant churches or the Eastern Orthodox Church? I don’t count the Mormons as Christian, but they also seem to be moving in the direction of race cuckoldry. I’m not sure about the Seventh Day Adventists. Perhaps in the 500 year anniversary of Martin Luther’s rejection of the Roman Catholic Church there can be the beginning of a muscular ethnonationalist Christianity: perhaps the “Cult of Michael the White Warrior Archangel?”



    I asked about these people. They are fertile but chose degeneracy. Notice his legs, they are always pushed together like that.

    Congregation of main church is probably ~90% white. I have seen other couples adopting indian kids.

    If we got rid of tax exemption and let political issues be discussed this shit would stop.


  4. Once again, of all the children depicted in this Hummel from Hell (H/T, alex), the little white girl is posed in the most outside/low status position. Even the little white boy is clinging to the leg of Jeebis. The little girl has no one touching her, and is touching no one. She gets a book. And some beads. And a seat on the floor.

    Then some men wonder why white women grow up so twisted.

    I guess the Catlicks will have use for her when one of the brilloheads knocks her up in rape and they can use her to further their race-mixing-through-forced-pregnancy agenda. Abortion being so much worse than triumphal rape and genetic replacement.

    This is one of the reasons I’m a nonbeliever. Universalist religions are programmed for white genocide. Any religion that hands down egalitopian unitary belief and practice from on high, rather than encouraging a people to grapple toward it themselves–per ardua ad astra–is anti evolutionary and therefore anti white.

    Christianity itself doesn’t belong in the North. That was handed down to me. Our people were forcibly converted twice. When I was dunked as a child, it was my father doing it, and in seawater, the true sacred water. Not bottled crap in some slimy marble cauldron. In the way of our people back countless thousands of years.

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