1. I told my sons that privately I suspected that’s why the burka was invented. Arab women are hairy, with huge noses and caterpillar eyebrows, and lumpy, sack-of-potatoes bodies. Their men were probably sick and tired of looking at them; their anti-trophy wives.


    1. Guessing that it was born with a vagina. Most male to female trannies would shave, I think. I’ve noticed a few weirdo feminists who let their beard and mustache grow, courtesy of a high carb diet and the consequent PCOS. At least in the past they had the courtesy to pluck that shit.

      This gives me an idea for a Current Year clown world game show: “Penis or No Penis?” Fellow shitlords, what do you think?

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  1. Can you imagine getting hired at that place and meeting your new coworkers, then being introduced to “Janet”, and not making a face of pure disgust?


    1. This is the insanity we live in now. The Femtards want us dead or trans ( which means already dead as a man.) Fuck, thd Russians are our only hope.


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