Old fat lesbian demands to see President-Elect Trump


At Trump Tower, fat lesbian Michael Moore wanted Trump to come down. He didn’t. Moore cried.

This photo is full of American Decline Easter eggs. Happy hunting.


  1. This is like a Richard Scarry illustration of proglodyte dipshits: Puppy Guy, NOWAG-San, Prominent Canines Girl, Crushed by the Wall Woman, Pillowbiter Pedro, Angry Asian Man, etc. It’s a plethora of Physiognomy Is Real paragons!


  2. Contrast their smiles with the certain deluded, vacant stares they’ve had for the previous week. These smiles are because this d-bag is here to save them? They are on quite the emotional roller coaster. Expect major increases in prescription med allowances.


  3. Never noticed him wearing a 49ers hat in the past. For someone who cares so little about his appearance, he sure must put a lot of thought into it. After his pre-election rant about how he could understand how blue collar whites would vote for Trump, I thought he might have a 1% chance of doing a reverse Arianna Huffington, but the buffet at the lefty confabs must be too good to give up.


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