Mentally Ill America Meets Awakened America


Sexual market subtext: This crazy harridan with the mystery meatball in tow wants to fuck the self-assured smirking cop, has always wanted to fuck supremely cocky White men like him, and her unrequited desire drives her over the edge of sanity. She lashes out impotently at her life’s obsession to assuage her broken ego.


    1. Canadian Friend, that is a great point; in the local rag for my town, they ran a photo of a women who tried to crash a GOP election party, she yelled, “Why did you elect a rapist.” The irony is everywhere on that one.


  1. “harridan” . . . Good, I’ll put that in the rotation along with virago, crone, hag, shrew, strumpet, the classic “bitch” and for our Romance language speakers “puttana o cagna.”


    1. What kind of “mother” takes her child to a potentially violent demonstration? One that doesn’t have parents and a husband in her life.

      She no doubt has swallowed the statistical myth that White police are executing dindus for nuffin.

      NYPD got back at pro cop killer BLM endorser Hillary Clinton and her democrat party when they passed on Weiners computer to the FBI.

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      1. They should’ve leaked the whole HDD to Wiki. It was a huge risk giving it to FBI, who already let the bitch skate once & could easily have buried this.


      2. “What kind of “mother” takes her child to a potentially violent demonstration?”

        That poor kid looks terrified. He’s trying to hold her back.


  2. Most inspiring photo in the entire Goodbye oeuvre. That magnificent young cop represents all of us, represents America. And yes, the screeching woman undoubtedly dreamt of him that night.


  3. I dunno… You could be right but it looks to me more like she’s “arguing” with someone off camera between the two cops who is not captured in the frame.

    The MM deserves a little credit for already having figured out that Mama is a nutjob who needs to be restrained. I wish him well.


  4. Oh, it’s more than “she wants to fuck him.”

    She’s taking out on him her previous choices in that department (cf. mystery meatball).

    Which if she’s white could well attest to some white guys who were too busy taking it up to the tonsils from other guys to make sure she had a proper white husband and child.

    Liberals’ narratives aren’t the only ones about to change tectonically, you realize. The newly created Department of Manning the Fuck Up is going to be paying a visit to a lot of guys.

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    1. 1-2% of White guys being cocksuckers didn’t force her to take the brownpill. They also didn’t stop her from wearing a diaphragm, taking the other Pill, or paying a visit to Kermit Gosnell.
      You’re right that it’s more than “she wants to fuck him”. There’s a good amount of Fuckyoudad! in that scene, too.

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      1. Agree…but I’m betting that she’s traveled in circles where the percentage is considerably higher than that, Alex.

        She may have a college education. This is NYC. Like Clitton voters, there are more of them in the big metropolises, plus the queers in these big cities have an inordinate amount of control over the general culture.

        Having said all that, the dad thing is for sure the big piece. Assuming she ever had or knew her sperm donor…which I wouldn’t. I’m also not assuming she’s white.

        The enduring dysgenic effects of (((white family unit destruction))) are the most important thing we have to deal with IMO. I’m constantly kicking young white guys in the ass about this. Also asking them about their ancestors, because nobody apparently ever has. Send them off on that quest.


      1. Apparently they either didn’t vote or weren’t registered to vote. America in The Current Year: underemployed and overmedicated.


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