1. nice fat legs… kangaroo pouch… AppleWatch… I bet she drives a BMW that Daddy’s law firm bought… feels guilty that her parents busted their ass to give her a nice, cushy life as a kid… she’ll repay them with a mulatto crack-baby and sit in squalor – disowned – in a trailer-park with her “disabled” boyfriend… Thank God the end of the USA is near….

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    1. America is not going to end. Listen, why don’t you actually do something about other than lamenting on a blog? Idiot.

      And, Canadien Fiend, the only whites who are brainwashed are you. Why don’t you also work to physically “eliminate” your enemies rather than talk like a shit lib?


  2. The people who for decades have – very successfully – brainwashed whites into hating their own culture, civilization and race should be at minimum in jail but preferably eliminated.

    The white liberals who hate their own culture, civilization and race if they can not be cured of this brainwashing should be extradited ( or whatever the word is, when one loses its US citizenship and is sent to live in another nation as punishment ) and forced to go live in Africa or some other non civilized, non- white nation.

    I am fed up with those defective people and the evil people who brainwash them 24/7.

    I am fvck’n fed up.


      1. Yes, but pointing out the obvious contradictions in their beliefs causes them to melt down with cognitive dissonance


  3. Hey I’ll give her / it a “nice white liberal” pass…with that duct tape over its mouth you could stand next to it in blissful silence without all the SJW blather. Hopefully it used that gorilla duct tape and takes some skin with it when it gets pulled off.


    1. Decently attractive, compared to many of the land whales we have posted here. If she’d grow that hair a little…


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