1. He is listening to some black artists singing/ raping about how they would like to kill whitey, kill police officers, and who are calling women whores and bitches.

      he is not offended by that, but he is offended Trump once said the word “pussy” or “fat” in the presence of a woman.

      in his dysfunctional diseased liberal mind, America is already great despite muslims killing innocent people every couple months and millions of illegals making tings much less great for everyone.


  1. On a positive note, leaving my voting precinct in 2:1 Dem MD, the nice mid-50’s Asian lady manning the Trump table (no Killary tables around) was talking to another Asian couple when she looked at me, I gave her a thumbs up and said MAGA!!. She smiled and thanked me.


  2. Is that actually the Jonah Goldberg? Sure looks like him.

    “National Review” and “The Weekly Standard” both need to shut down.

    I was a charter sub to TWS back during Newt’s coup, but I cancelled years ago.

    We must starve the #nevertrump beast and send it back to its own country.

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  3. Holy crap, that’s the picture I took and posted to the Chateau Tweeter. Happy he used it. That was on the 7 Train leaving Court Square into Manhattan, election day. You’re welcome.


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