1. THIS is what happens when we protect our fragile little snowflakes from any and all perceived bullies… a few good ass-kickings in the 5-7 grade could have made this “thing” into a viable member of society…

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  2. If Hillary wins, after her 8 years, the weirdo in the photo above will run for president, and its vice president will be either a Mexican/Hondurian/Salvadorian illegal alien ( Hillary will make them eligible to run…oh yea she will…wanna bet? ) or an ex ISIS member ( Hillary will pardon them all and make them eligible too… )

    Sounds like I am exaggerating? well 20 years ago had I said a black president who admires muslims will make it legal for 50 year old men to use the same bathroom as 6 year old little girls, it would also have sounded way too crazy to even be considered possible

    yet here we are…

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    1. You’re a fucking bankster, Laguna Beach Phoney, you will be one of the first to go into the hopper.

      Not surprising, I see YIH has finally offered up his modeling pictures from Amsterdam.


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