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  1. I enjoy playing video games, usually solo experiences with a decent story and enjoyable gameplay. It’s a fun thing to do when I’ve got some time and want to unwind, but it’s raining and my bike’s in the shop.

    But these guys, right here, are sad creatures. Total strangers paid good money to crowd around a small TV watching other guys play an old GameCube title. Their lives revolve around such events, and we get still frames of wasted potential.

    For funzies, let’s play “spot the girl.” There’s always one (and only one) at these kinds of events.


    1. I count two. Lower left, just in the picture and then left of center under the large video screen. Of course, some of the males have distinctly feminine features.

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      1. Hmm…that might be two. From behind, it’s hard to tell if it’s just a short guy with long hair, but girl seems more likely. Good eye.


  2. The girl at lower left looks like that crazy feminist that shows up in the AIDS Skrillex video, and is widely hated online. Here she is, standing by Carl the Cuck:

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    1. for so long, so many have been able to toss around accusations like “racist’ and “nazi” and just shut down an argument… Trump has brought that to an end – win or loose, the “fragile snowflakes” on the left will now nave to use logic, not just insults, to win the day… maybe the prominence of the Beta-male as come to an end!

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  3. Before video games, wouldn’t they be playing D&D? Before D&D, wouldn’t they be going to Boy Scout Jamborees? Omegas got to omega.

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  4. What’s up with all the Where’s Waldo shirts? I haven’t seen that many stripes in one place since The Defiant Ones.


  5. This picture makes me yearn for a return to the draft board. Except the wars we engage in are so futile and self-destructive. Maybe a modern equivalent of the CCC of the 1930’s…give these boys some shovels or trash bags or something and put ’em to work.

    That free college education the Dems love to talk about should include a mandatory *manual labor* service of three years. There’s enough trash in the streets and along the roadsides to keep them busy; after that they can start in on road repairs and etc.


      1. two pipes, a baseball bat and a shotgun… damn, reminds me of growing up in North Alabama in the 80’s! Add a football and few girls and we’d have called it “High School”


  6. A few years ago my daughter’s sports team was booked at a hotel that was hosting one of these video game parties. The young men were total wimpy pussy twinks and basket cases. imagine a hotel with half its guests being these young nerdy guys and the other half HS aged tall feminine pretty girls. No Game at all was witnessed the entire weekend, and I mean No Game.


    1. Let me get this straight, TLM, you were hoping that your daughter would have been picked up by a strapping lad at the hotel you were in, that they should have employed Game to take your daughter? GREAT role model. Bravo.

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