1. Don’t know if those are extra-large colored contacts or she ‘got ink’ on the whites of her eyes.
    She’s going to suffer in the future, more than a few prospective employers are going to notice the tats, piercings and split tongue and say ”don’t call us, we’ll can you” [not].
    There’s always camwhoring and pr0n… For a while.


    1. This woman is obviously so mentally ill that it is unlikely she’ll be able to even apply for a job. The tongue might be self-mutilation, although I think that the pain would be too great. If a surgeon did that he should lose his license and be criminally prosecuted.

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      1. Nah, I think she’s capable of filling out a McApplication, but just barely.
        Ever seen one? They used to have them as the paper placemat on their food trays (now online). Literally designed so the kid eating their happy meal could fill it out.
        I still say it’ll be pr0n, it tends to attract crazy like her: https://encyclopediadramatica.se/Belle_Knox
        [NSFW, BTW]
        Just you watch, 30 years and at least 30 lbs later, it’ll be at least 30 cats. If she even manages to live that long, that is. If I were taking bets, I’d say ‘an hero’ or OD in under 30 years from now. Same with the ”Duke pr0n star”.


      2. She will not make it to 60.

        Before she is 30 she will either,

        die of a drug overdose,

        die of AIDS

        her black lover will murder her

        or she will commit suicide

        Unfortunately she will have time to vote Democrat a couple times before she dies

        because let’s be real here, what are the odds that people who self mutilate like her would vote for someone like Donald Trump?

        very messed up people – to the point of mutilating one’s tongue and one’s face – are almost all liberals

        yes there are conservatives who are drug addicts, alcoholics etc etc and there is a tiny microscopic number of people on the right who have face tattoos like skin heads but the really messed up people like that girl are almost all liberals.

        There is an obvious and undeniable connection between fucked up people and being a liberal.

        If 95 % of psychologists were not liberals themselves, this phenomena would be studied and would be discussed a lot instead of the ultra absurd topic of making little girls restrooms available to 50 year old men who “identify as women”.

        The left have turned western civilization into an asylum run by the most crazy of the bunch.

        Western civilization may not recover from this, and by “this” I mean all the crazy things the left has imposed on us including mass immigration from primitive barbarians, the witch hunt on white males, the race replacement program going on as we speak, teaching 7 year olds that they can identify as which ever sex they want, etc etc


    2. I believe when I first saw this she claimed it was “ink” on her eyes, which I didn’t even know was possible. Of course the stupid of even considering such a thing is staggering.


    3. “There’s always camwhoring and pr0n… For a while.”

      I heard through the grapevine that you could show her the ropes as a fluffer for gay Brazillian fart porn. Doesn’t surprise me.


      1. She’ll find some beta-male to seed her before it’s too late, she’s not picky,,. just so she can guarantee an income stream via welfare and child support while get the opportunity to ruin a new life.

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  2. In one sense, I am grateful to the cultural Marxists for enforcing the “judging people isn’t cool” orthodoxy. It encourages the unstable and those otherwise unfit to be spouses and parents to self-identify before they have the opportunity to ruin the lives of others.

    This country is filled with men and children who were destroyed by the combination of unfit/unstable women and the family court system. The more of this we can avoid, the better off everyone will be.

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  3. In previous life was a peacock – oh, look at me! In next life will definitely be going back three squares. Do not pass go, do not collect a brain. Possibly reset all the way back to invertebrate.


  4. Reminds me of this George Carlin bit:

    “And I want you to know I’m in favor of self-mutilation and personal disfigurement. I’ve always said there’s nothing like puncturing and perforating your skin in a dozen or so places in order to demonstrate your high self-esteem. When I see a young man decorating his scalp with soldering iron I say: there’s a happy guy, thinks highly of himself.”

    There’s a happy girl. Thanks highly of herself.

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