The Obama Years


The funniest thing about this is that the people in the background can’t be bothered to notice the Fart Smeller. Is there an even more scintillating Fart Smeller across the street?

(Post title courtesy of an anonymous pithlord.)


  1. @Kid Jupiter,

    There have always been perverts and perversions. In earlier days people were ashamed of them and/or kept them private The difference is that today they are proud of their perversions and want to share them with the world.

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  2. Foto from a blurb about the highest-paying careers:

    I’d be interested to know if anyone has ever seen, or knows of, a black dentist — I never have, and do not.

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    1. My brother had a black friend who grew up to be a dentist. (I think his dad was a dentist, too.) Amazed the hell out of me, cuz he was such a spastic, hyperactive monkey as a kid. My brother had de-friended him for several years when the little ape swung from a chin-up bar, and accidentally kicked him in the chest. No self-control at all.


    1. You know who draws my attention? Not pinky, not the musloid, but the normal looking girl with the megaphone.

      She’s the walking embodiment of “abusing freedom of speech”.

      The folks here – pseudonyms or otherwise – generally recognize the coupling of freedom and responsibility, that we will be held accountable for the words that come out of our mouths. Our “Hate Speech” is the truth, as best we can speak it, and while nobody’s perfect we generally avoid spreading gossip or calumny.

      Then there’s this girl: young and pretty, liberal, there’s nothing she can say, no foul gossip or false claim, that won’t immediately be met with praise by all and sundry. She echoes the television and mainstream internet, repeating verbatim, or spinning her own fancies to herself and her colleagues, repurposing the people in her life into rolls she learned from sex in the city.

      And she carries a megaphone.

      Here she is: yelling with a volume that God did not give her, yelling at those whom already agree with her, glorifying in the volume of speech she can deliver with no regard for it’s truth or usefulness.

      This is the tower of Babel playing out in real time; man glorifying himself and ignoring the works of the almighty, ignoring truth, philosophy, science, to glorify his petty opinion.

      God help her soul.


  3. The megaphone equipped Pakistani desi, who was born in America is lapping up her female privilege but has conveniently forgotten how Islam forcibly converted Pakistan, pushed her parents to emigrate and removed the fear of an acid reprisal from her hypocritical conscience.


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