Misrepresentation Matters

The reader who submitted this photo writes,

Attached is the cover of the new Pitsco Education (science supplies) catalog that I just got this morning in the mail.

Even Education is going in that direction. Oof. I’ve been teaching high school science and education for 32 years, and I’ve never seen a classroom that looks like that. Ever.

It’s pedal to the shtetl for our anti-White male annihilation propaganda ministers.


  1. Well Holy shit, not only is that black man supposed to be a chemistry teacher, he’s also wearing a wedding ring. If the cover lies that much, I wonder what they’ve done with the content…


  2. Public school are NOT there to educate… Education has been replaced by indoctrination… they do a couple of “pre-fab” science experiments then explain how it’s destroying the ozone/climate/whales/etc… Kids have NO IDEA what “chemestry” or “physics” is.. but they can damn-sure tell you how Dichlorodifluoromethane (R-12 refrigerant) is destroying the planet and should be banned from manufacture so as to SAVE THE PLANET…


  3. They’re calling that ‘science’? When I was in school that was called ‘shop class’. One of the reasons schools don’t have that anymore is: A. money has to be diverted to security, sports and trying ”to close the learning gap” and: B. Who in their right mind would want dindus around tools that could easily be used as weapons?
    BTW how much you wanna bet none of them could actually make a toy car out of wood?
    At best they might be able to paint a finished one.

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    1. Stay armed, white folks. I’m not kidding. The groundwork is being laid for something unthinkable. The signs are everywhere, all you need to do is look.

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    1. Why is any White still farming in Zimbabwe? They should have all dumped toxic waste over their land years ago after their compatriots were booted off their farms.


  4. If Obama had a son, he’d look just like that lil’ bugger on the left.

    This is more of the bullshit that has become the norm, not the exception, in advertising in our culture. Bank ads show wise orcs planning for their solid financial futures; insurance ads show omniscient orcs lecturing to use mere mortals about superior policies; everyone shows committed orc daddys raising their kids with fierce intelligence and devotion.

    If an alien visitor in the future tries to reconstruct 21st century America, and they have only our commercials, they will opine that the civilization had a superior group of blacks, but they must have been brought down by an obviously inferior and somewhat stupid group of whites. The blacks probably tried too hard to educate us and bring us up to their standards, but eventually it all collapsed.


  5. Very important point: in every advertisement for education, you will see a white person, but it will be a pretty woman (or girl). You will never see a white man (or boy) on any billboard advertising one of these third rate colleges. In my town, there are billboards all over town advertising various private online colleges and trade schools, and it’s always a black man, white woman, and sometimes hispanics and asians (both sexes) — you will NEVER see a WHITE MAN portrayed as a student in any propaganda piece, anywhere. Pay attention closely if you don’t believe me. Now you will not be able to avoid noticing this fact.


    1. Absolutely correct. They love to show one White girl, usually standing right next to a black male; then sprinkle some Hispanics and Asians in. It’s almost as if there were a law dictating this formula must be followed.


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