1. look at those fucking idiots. most liberals are atheist, so they don’t know the 1st thing about religious faith or how muslims see them as degenerate infidels that need to be raped & murdered.


    1. Uh, hang on a minute. Not all atheists are liberal. I for one am a nationalist atheist. I have all sorts of reasons for opposing muslim invasion of my country.


  2. You see enough of this stuff and …. Can you really blame the tribe for viewing us as dumb cattle that exist only to serve them? Are these grinning, self-satisfied, nitwits really anything other than stupid beasts? Are they really anything more than neutered dogs desperate for a pat on the head from their masters?

    Someone make a case for them because I can’t.

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    1. We Whites have a creative spark that has allowed us to conquer the world, invent everything, produce the best artists and intellects in every discipline, etc., but by and large we’re dumb as dirt when it comes to common sense. Jews, chinks, even spics and niggers, none would fall for this crap. Only Whites are suckers enough.

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    2. That’s the nighmare of understanding all this…you realize that most of us deserve it.
      The smug, coddled faggotry. Submission masquerading as a virtue. Hopeless.


  3. You won’t be able to stand with them when your head has been cut off. It’s more like lying down in a big pool of blood. Ask Lee Rigby.


    1. This video has to be a made up spoof. I cannot imaging a major corporation or ad agency producing something like this.


  4. Even if the “Banned Sprite” video is a hoax, it’s just a step or two further down a road “legitimate” advertising loves to take.

    Makes me think about lamp-post decorating. And the effect of gravity on falling bodies.


    1. It combines 3 things that make it believable:
      1) BM-WF couple in an ad
      2) Foreign markets have racier ads (pun not intended)
      3) Every single Sprite ad features a million-dollar niggre rapper or afflete that has all sorts of white people on their knees worshipping them.


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