The person who submitted this writes, “This is a pop-up that shows up when you first visit the map page of a mall’s web site.”

I think we can all agree now that this commercial campaign to dispirit Whites isn’t accidental; the oligarchs know exactly what they’re doing.



  1. When they show diverse couples you never see two non-whites ie(hispanic and asian). In fact I rarely see the most common interracial couple on advertisements: white man asian woman. It’s all black (or sometimes latino) men with a gentile white woman.


    1. Just saw a TV commercial where a white man suffering from a cold is being comforted in his bed by his black wife. She was mulatto white appearing enough that I didn’t notice it at first (yet more subtle, gradual indoctrination), but we all know about the camel’s nose, etc.


  2. This kind of pro-miscegenation propaganda has been going on for quite some time; but what’s odd (to me) about this particular example is the black looks like it could be female. So the White woman is doubly transgressive here, perhaps almost subliminally. Of course rug-munching interracial sex is preferable to straight interracial, because we don’t end up drowning in brown frizzy haired mystery meat babies.

    Anyone else think the schwarzer looks like a woman?

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    1. Back in the 90s I remember seeing a window display in an American Eagle store that featured a life-size poster of a young white blonde girl being embraced by a surly young dindu. She looked extremely uncomfortable. I sent them an angry letter (pre-email) that was never replied to. Yet I later wondered why that image was approved when she was so obviously distraught. Was it to rub whitey’s nose in it, or did some exec who could not override the ad campaign but hated it sneak a subliminal protest in?


  3. THIS HAS GOT TO STOP!!! One good thing is that ordinary people CANNOT help noticing it and I hear a lot of people criticizing the media for putting constant interracial couples! So I guess it isn’t bad if it’s making white people sick enough to wake up.


  4. You see the potato chip or something tv commercial where there is a family camping in a tent and they hear noise outside? Who is munching noisily late at night out in the forest? 4-5 pudgy white adult manboobs in Boy Scout uniforms. Pedos? Who is the good family in the tent? It is incessant at this point.



    1. I used to be able to predict and count the heart-warming magic negro moments in these commercials that always show a plethora of rapid images invoking faux Americana (I hate that style; why can’t they focus on one person/group of people?). Not anymore! Now they throw blacks and all sorts of mystery meat at you in such rapid succession that it is more a challenge to spot the White people.


  5. It would be interesting to see who the model is fucking in her personal life. Does she wince at the smell of her fellow model, or is she doing her best to catch the aids.


  6. google image search for “white family” or “white scottish family” or “white irish family” — lzolzz you will find it very difficult to find an image of a white family. we all know why. yes they are throwing it in our faces.


    pride comes before the fall.


  7. Bitch Skywalker, Black Solo, and a busted-ass Darth wannabe…Now, Campbell’s soup raises the stakes by claiming, “Luke, I am one of your two fathers!”


      1. It deserves a reboot of Mad Men, where Don Draper’s half-jewish son goes back in time to join the firm, and tries to convince the owners of those iconic companies to run today’s ad campaigns. His marks get offended to the point of brutally murdering him in each episode, then next week he time-travels back to try, try again.


  8. The good news is, the whole propaganda campaign is failing miserably. According to several recent studies, white women still overwhelmingly prefer white men, and of women of other races who prefer to date outside their race (SJW bullshit to the contrary, most people of all races still prefer mates of their own race) the preferred group is – you guessed it – white men.

    So don’t fall for the propaganda, white men! White women certainly aren’t…

    I don’t usually link to Counter-Currents because they are – well, oddly faggy sometimes, but this article is well worth your time.

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  9. The best way to stick it to “them” is by going and getting some top shelf brown pussy. Personally, I’m partial to Latina’s, especially Brazillian chicks. They are the perfect mix of dirty blonde hair, olive skin and the good hip to waist ratio.

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    1. The Latinas who are beautiful are White Spaniards and Portuguese. Not the Amerindian gremlin squats who are the majority. There are actually quite a few European immigrant strains in South America, especially in countries like Chile and Argentina– Germans, Irish, English, Italians– in addition to the Iberians. These are the hot “Hispanics” they put in front of cameras.


    2. MPC Whyte, at the very least. Of course, I’d be willing to bet that the chick pictured above is at least 80-85% European, if not more. Quite a contrast to Jeb Bush’s “Latina” wife.


      1. You have to wonder how Jeb! picked that winner….damn, with all his money, he brings her to the altar? The media has been telling me for eight years that Moochelle is beautiful…I never believed them until I saw Jeb!’s old lady…


  10. Maybe time for a new blog to collect all the pro-miscegenation propaganda trying to force it down our throats.

    is actually for Seattle a pro-growth pro-business lobby trying to help builders do their work in the face of the dominant loony progressive lefty bien pensant majority. So you can imagine how they tick around here. Diversity über alles is now the state religion.

    Also notice how they not so subtly try to sell us on dinky cars and houses…


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