1. Made for real real life?

    In real life homosexual men who are married and adopt children are what? .0001 or .0002 % of the population?

    Why make ads for a tiny microscopic demographic group?

    Ads like that costs many millions of dollars, why do that???

    Over 99% of people who eat Campbell soup are heterosexual. why waste millions of dollars on such ads.

    I don’t understand what is going on in this world.

    They will not sell more soup, why even do that?

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  2. Remember back in the 1980’s when Christian Fundamentalist churches would organize boycotts of companies that seemed to be endorsing/normalizing/promoting homosexuality?

    I’m not a church goer; can someone tell me what happened to those guys? Are all the churches okay with all this now? I know buggery is now ennobled by Legal Matrimony, but boycotts are still legal, too, right?

    I guess the church is too busy welcoming illegals to bother boycotting gay advertisers.

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    1. I am a “church guy” and most Christian churches have moved into a “tolerate” and “love” position as far as Homosexuality goes.. notice many churches ow will do gay marriages – I know the Episcopals do it and I’m sure others… We have begun to make God in OUR image, nit the other way around, so, the end (of the USA, at least) cannot be far away…

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    2. Some joined the satanic left. Some were cowed into silence. Some continued to boycott. Most were forced to prioritize what they speak out against as the growth rate of filth in mainstream culture went vertical.

      If you’re standing in front of a pitching machine firing baseballs at at you, you’re going to cover your eyes and nuts and not worry about taking a hit in the shoulder.


    3. A lot are still against the poz, but they also think that being seen as unloving is “ruining their witness.” So they sit in silence and consider it virtue. They think that if they’re nice enough, and agreeable enough, and non-confrontational enough, faggots and atheists are going to break down their doors trying to convert.


    4. People mocked them for it. When they should have been listening. I buy generics from my grocery store. No label foods. Cheaper and it doesn’t support nonsense like this. And I’m a southerner, so our stores aren’t on the sodomy express. Pretty sure chains like Kroger are all about pleasing the tailpipe crowd.

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    1. Damn, that one tattoo looks about as attractive as an extra-large exit wound.

      Hey gorgeous, tell us more about your “plan”, and exactly what galaxy this aforementioned princess was supposed to hail from…


  3. You want to think/say: Surely they’ve overplayed their hand now? But sadly it does not appear we’ve reached that point yet…


  4. TOG pointed out that the kid is old enough to feed himself by at least a year. But they just love sticking their long, hard objects into little boys’ cute mouths.

    (The ad makers probably knew that the site of two fags with a cute, bald one year-old was unsettling to women so they needed to age the boy a bit to make it less insulting to mothers.)


  5. F**k Campbell’s, their soup is overpriced and taste like shit anyway. Buy the store brand instead – or better yet, as Jerry Reed found out, learn to cook…


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