1. I don’t even know if this is a “real” “family” or a posed picture to sell f-cking magnets.

    If it’s just a posed pic to sell magnets- it’s another example of insidious miscegenation propaganda.

    If it’s a real family- then it’s still the above plus a portrait of pathological altruism.

    The people behind this need to have their magnets shoved up their asses all the way to “true north”.

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  2. I always leave room that the kid might be adopted, with the prevalence of low-T males and women’s parts being fucked up by birth control and all.


    1. Of course the kid is adopted — he is clearly black, ie not mixed.

      The point is, it is disturbing that a white man, or rather so many white men, have so little racial consciousness that they agree to adopt black kids, which many white couples actually do preferentially — they seek out black children to adopt in order to signal their status as ‘Gutmenschen’ to other Whites. In this sense, they deliberately discriminate against parentless white children.

      As a white male, I would never adopt a black child.

      Here’s a job for you: search the internet and see if you can find an instance where a black couple has adopted a white child. Or an Asian couple has adopted a white child (Whites adopt far more Asian children than black children).


      1. I agree whites shouldn’t be adopting outside their race, but that wasn’t my point. I think the OP’s gut reaction was that a darkie impregnated her, and he agreed to marry her and raise the kid anyway, which is way worse than adopting a darkie kid and a much more prevalent problem in the West. I can see someone adopting a black kid, especially if they’ve already raised kids of their own. But there’s no excuse for cuckolded mudsharking. Neither of the three in the picture looks particularly happy, which is why I think they adopted.


      2. We went through the adoption process a few years ago. It was very difficult to adopt a white child since Putin has put a stay on the adoptions from Russia. The white kids from the U.S are wait listed because there is such high demand for them. The agency we worked with tried initially to offer some of the browns to us but we refused early in the process and they didn’t make a big deal about it to their credit. I got the sense that the racial preference is highest on the list for most adopting parents. I really think there are very few white parents interested in adoption outside of their race, with the exception of the Gay’s. The Gay’s will go quickly almost by default for the minority because the parent involved on the other end doesn’t care. The white birth parents but up a fight with the Gay adoption scenario.


  3. What’s the problem?
    The race traitors aren’t reproducing. That’s a good thing.
    The dindu, growing up in a white household and exposed to white values (doing homework, decent manners, not carrying a 9mm, etc) may have a chance to grow up into something other than an inmate in cell block D.

    In a related observation, I’m a physician and I re-certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support last night. Part of the course is a video that features actors demonstrating various resuscitation scenarios and techniques.

    You won’t be surprised to learn that, according to this video, almost all doctors, nurses, EMT’s and medical technicians are black. Of course, all the actors portraying old, frail, confused, sweaty patients having strokes, heart attacks, cardiac arrest, etc were white.

    The other doc recertifying with me is a hard core race realist also. We laughed through the whole thing as dying Whites were saved by the diligence of wise, magical Negroes.

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    1. Now that’s funny! My background in surgery spans almost 20 years, I’ve yet to meet more than just a handful of black surgeons in that time. And I travel a lot. I always laughed at that show ER where the guy with the Geri Curl business dynasty in Coming To America was the hot shot surgical resident on the show, yeah right!


  4. Just wondering, when ordering a niglet from adoptagroid.com, can you pre-order them with the spiky porcupine hair, or is that an end-user addon?

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    1. Teacher lost control of a classroom. Shameful. A white man with so little social dominance. He spent the entire time in her frame.


    2. Video entitled “Substitute teacher attacks disrespectful student” shows video of a student attacking an old man. What is the rest of the class doing?

      If there was something like this in the schools I went to, it would never have escalated to that point and the other students would have told emo fat girl to stfu.


  5. This is immoral behavior. YOu have a duty and responsibility towards yourself and your race.

    It is not worthless. To pretend or worse insist that it doesn;t matter is the very ‘racism’ they think they decry.

    Anti-racist = anti-white


    1. Actually he adopted those black children because they were living in a mission that his late daughter was involved with. It had little to do with trying to be progressive and all to do with dog something in her memory.


      1. In other words, this Republicuck was doing something progressive in what he imagined to be an honor to the memore of his progressive daughter whom he had raised . . . progressively.

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  6. Words of advice for anyone thinking of adopting any kid, but especially a foreign one: just like puppies, they aren’t always going to be that small/cute/easy to handle.


  7. Dudes a loser. If you can’t get ur wife PREGNANT for whatever reason, gave some fucking self respect and adopt a white kid. What’s up with these white peoplee adopting blacks from overseas When we have white kids here that need adoption


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