1. Given his lack of grooming and obvious weight problem, I’d say he’s a very low beta who’s situationally gay.

    Clearly he’s gone for the, ah, low hanging fruit, rather than improve himself and land an actual female of the species

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    1. No, it doesn’t. If neither him NOR his husband is “the girl” (praise his understanding of gender dynamics!), then they definitely don’t need feminism. But feminism needs their support. So he and his husband can go fuck themselves out of thegene pool.


  2. The only thing I can say – that is the most fucking stupid thing that I have ever read. I am now literally (and I realize that word is over-used, and that incorrectly) less intelligent than I was before I read Sodomite Hurley’s placard.

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  3. I know that Dude…. Left our hometown (and a half-decent woman) to shack up with a guy and his wife after they met online. Married the husband as was the quickest way to a green card


  4. And my fellow GenXers made fun of me for watching the TV show “Angel,” which I took as a semi-documentary on the sorts of people across society who are actually demons. Look into his eyes and tell me Wesley wasn’t right!


  5. Take heart friends. Every one of these fucking losers on the side of evil should tell you the path you have chosen leads out of the woods. Theres always an upside if you look.


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