1. First it was tattoos, then those stupid potbelly pigs, then ‘the dog in the purse’, then pet niglets, now this.
        Fads have consequences, worse ones than in the past. Long hair (or a mohawk) can be changed, the bell-bottoms get stuck way back in the closet, same with the tie-dye, the 8-track player (along with the old CDs) gets put out for the garage sale. But once this is done, there’s no turning back:
        An hero is the only way out.


  1. Wanna get Best Documentary at the various Hollywood award shows? Make documentary describing the trials and tribulations of a converting transsexual and how it overcame them. You won’t make any money, mind you. But you will get a shelf of awards.


  2. I notice there is NO father in the video.. or the pictures… or the kids’ life… BUT YOU can bet your sweet ass it was HIS insurance picking up the tab for this bullshit…

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  3. This is disturbing material from start to finish. The most sickening being the rah-rah encouragement from the social media leeches. But ultimately more disturbing is how all this is just presented like some kind of special dress-up for a party. This is tampering with the metabolism. There may be health risks as well as mental pitfalls laying ahead. But it’s all part of a male-free feel-good zone as shown.

    Maybe the brave new world doesn’t have ANY males in it at all.

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  4. Well if you are a soulless big pharma executive this transgender thing is a wonderful profit making idea. You get to sell hormones to kids for their entire life, that is much more profitable than waiting for women to hit menopause and selling them hormones to prevent them from freaking out and strangling their cat…

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  5. Where is his father? Unless you have an older brother, cousin or father who is around, you don’t have any male role models. This poor kid was raised to think being girly is good.


  6. Suicide or drug overdose by 27. That will be the end of this fairy tale.

    So im a 32 year old fit man but i want to be even more masculine. I feel like deep inside i have an inner arnold schwarzenegger ready to be seen by the world. Funny thing is, if i ask for steroids my doctor will think im crazy and the effeminates at buzzfeed will shame me.


  7. He-she wanna be,
    Body and soul just don’t agree,
    There’s an answer,
    Got to go for a Tijuana tuck n’ roll,

    He-she done got …. a zipper job.


  8. The are really pushing miscegenation now. Nicole Kidman and Chiwetel Ejiofor. Add to that the new Adele video. Always a white woman with a black man.


  9. That the mother even filmed the moment she got the hormones (that sounds friggin weird) and her reaction is enough proof that this boy/girl is being used by her mother as a exploitation toy. All for Facebook and all TV. None of it is about advancing the lives of gaytransgenderwhatever, it is all about harassing normal people who opposed what she is doing.


  10. That’s fucking child abuse. A 14 year old is already going through massive hormonal changes. Her mom is pouring gasoline on a fire for Facebook likes.


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