1. Wow. Just wow. In most city parks the sink is in the restroom, apparently the designer thought it was a good idea to put it outside the restrooms. Seemed like a good idea at the time, one handwashing sink for two restrooms, saves a bit of cost.
    And here’s it’s disadvantage, bet she ain’t the only (possibly ‘homeless’) one to use that sink in unintended ways.


  2. I think that’s Santa Monica, and she’s probably just washing the sand off the back of her thighs after lying on the sand. Probably a tourist.


  3. Here’s hoping this she beast breaks it and falls horribly. We’ve reached the stage where “we can’t have any good stuff” does not only apply to naggers. The sad thing is that now trolls can go into any good area and use the “facilities”, parks, schools, etc. that their betters have paid for and maintained as if it is some human right. Yet cucks will never go to war over something so small. If you ain’t gated yet…..


  4. Gross. It would be normal if it was a water fountain, but she wouldn’t be able to stand up in it. I remember all the old fixtures in the city parks; the checkers/chess tables, the hard stone water fountains, and the benches that were pure concrete with steel reinforcement and polished wood. Things were MADE to last! And decades of used didn’t damage any of them. Until the “city parks” were destroyed by a certain clientele that moved into that area. To go back and see the devastation after such a short time is hardly credible.


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