1. lzozlozlzl It is easy to see that the zombie apocalypse will be easy to survive. Plenty of food available too. When’s the reset?


  1. My spider sense tells me Girls in middle and far right are raging sluts…..how many men have dumped a load in those two? Gal on far left spends all her time preaching rape culture and hating men, but may still be a virgin (along with the guy on left).


  2. Behold the cuck in his natural habitat:

    I honestly questioned it’s authenticity but then I remembered just how spineless most “men” are.


  3. Standard issue Americans these days — sadly. Another article recently about how the US is the fattest nation on earth, including the kids. One thing that struck me about the fotos and video coming from the recent JC shooting in Oregon was how fat and just plain repulsive most of the women were — even the young ones.


  4. It’s good to know that middle girl and far right girl will take care of any little problem that arises from activities you might partake with them 20 minutes after meeting them. This is assuming it’s not simply straight to the A with these freaks.


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